Mompowerment: Claudine Cobankiat, Powered By A Passion For Child Safety

Claudine Cobankiat of Babyzen and Foldaway

When you bring a tiny human into the world, you wonder how something so small has become your biggest priority. That’s why function, safety, and quality become magic words you look for when you shop for things for your baby. 

Claudine Cobankiat is a woman who can relate to this perfectly. She admits that becoming a mom has changed her a lot. In her passion to find products that promise safety for her child, she brought in the popular and well-loved brands Babyzen and Foldaway to the Philippines. 

“We like products that add value to mom’s lives. For Foldaway, it helped me secure my daughter a safe space where she can learn to walk and crawl. Then my mom gave me a stroller, the Babyzen. And when I used it for travel, I realized what a great product it was,” enthuses Claudine about the start of her mompreneur journey.  

More than just products, Claudine believes that the Foldaway and Babyzen are valuable partners in child-rearing. She shares, “Foldaway and Babyzen help me as a mom. I feel better when things are easier for me to do. I can safely leave my child in Foldaway. And with Babyzen, I can go anywhere with it.”

Claudine is blessed that her business brings her mompowerment moments on a constant basis. Hearing about other people’s experiences with Babyzen and Foldaway gives her new insights on growing her mompreneurship. And by meeting a lot of people, she satisfies her thirst for learning. 

“My thirst for learning is something I really want to instill in my children. I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing this business, but I was pleasantly surprised that this is something I am passionate about. I also want my children to do what they love,” says Claudine. 

Claudine’s passion for motherhood has led her to a remarkable mompreneur journey. By bringing in products that keep her child safe, she has made the lives of other moms much easier. She loves what she does and other moms love her for it!