#Mompowerment: Danica Sotto: Bringing Wings of Hope to Caged Hearts

Danica Sotto-Pingris                                                                                                  TV Host, Businesswoman

Danica Sotto-Pingris has made a name for herself as a TV Host and celebrity. It’s no secret that she comes from a family of famous Filipino personalities. Yet she has made her own path, built on her unique talent and personality.

Of the many roles she plays, most valuable for her is being a wife to Marc, and a mom to Mic and Caela. We find her fulfilled, content, and passionate in raising a family that puts God first.

Danica has embarked on a new project. She has made it her mission to help out other women by sharing her time and experiences with them, and ultimately, leading them to a deeper relationship with the Lord. She says, “I’d like to continue sharing my faith to other women. Especially to those going through trials since it’s when they need encouragement. There is value in giving your time and showing them there are people who care for them.”

In answering her call to introduce more people to God’s goodness, Danica has taken a giant leap out of her comfort zone. “At first I joined outreach activities. And a few months ago, I started reaching out to women in prison”, she says.

“I am so used to attending events with other moms, sharing cooking skills and mommy experiences. But I told myself that I have to use my platform wisely. And I believe God put me in this position for a reason, not just to gain followers or fame. It’s really to influence and inspire people. To share His word, share your time, and invest in others’ lives.”



Danica is reaching out to inmates of the Correctional Institute for Women. During her first time, her heart pounded and her nerves got the best of her. She just prayed that God would give her the right words to say. “Akala ko ako ang mag-share. But I really learned a lot from them. I like spending time with them. It opens my mind to hear about their experiences and mistakes. It’s like getting to know another mom. There is beauty when moms from different worlds unite. And you just appreciate the person for who she is.”, Danica adds.

One of Danica’s most memorable #Mompowerment moment was when she received a letter from one of the inmates. “Maraming Salamat sa oras mo. Isa ito sa mga rason kung bakit kami lumalakas,” it read. Danica’s heart fills with joy knowing that because they have come to know the Lord, change is happening in their hearts and they are beginning to have hope.

Danica’s work with women also creates positive impact at home. Her children, Mic and Caela, are being led by example on what it means to give your life to God. Danica adds, “I always tell them to use your skills to glorify God. I want my children to grow up thinking of others, not just themselves. I pray they grow up to be responsible children with big hearts. That if they see someone in need, their hearts stir and they do something about it.”

What’s next for Danica? Only God knows. And that’s not a bad thing. She will go where God leads her, knowing full well that His plans are best.