#Mompowerment: Dara David Roa, When a Window Closes and Doors of Opportunity Open

Dara David Roa; The Collab Contessa

Dara’s business venture and passion project, Collab Contessa, was borne out of a single mom’s need to spend more time with her daughter while preparing for her future. 

Dara shared, “I wanted to be able to design the kind of schedule that would work best for both of us. So I delved in different professional work but I stayed longest in Louis Vuitton, for 6 years, and that’s where I grew a lot and discovered a lot of things about myself that I thought I couldn’t do.  Then when I eventually got married, I decided I wanted to have more time with my family.  So I left Louis Vuitton and started my own company called Collab Contessa where I would find different brands that wanted to make things happen for them. I also do a lot of brand events like the Gourmand Market and a caravan that advocates different local purveyors who want to have a platform to sell their stuff.”

Her Mompowerment Moment is an ongoing thing, when despite difficulties that she sometimes runs into with the business, it all becomes worth it when she realizes that she affects lives and empowers others through the work that she loves to do anyway. 

Dara shared, “It becomes tough sometimes, like when there’s not enough funds. But then people will come up to me and say, thank you for giving me a break, and those are the moments when I think, the hardships are all worth it and maybe this is what I am meant to do.”

Her passion project has taught her that the legacy she wants to leave her 2 children, Thea, 20 years old and Lucas who is 7, is the value of staying true to one’s authentic self. 

Dara shared, “I want them to believe in themselves and be able to share what they have and not compare themselves with others. I want them to look inwards and eventually be able to touch lives and help others.”

Dara draws strength from celebrating life every day and being thankful for the little things that push you forward. She believes that as long as you work from the heart it will always keep you grounded and no matter the challenges, you will always find your way. 

No small wonder that doors of opportunity continue to open for the Collab Contessa.