Mompowerment: Darlyn Ty; Empowering Women To Live Out Their Dreams One Page At A Time

Darlyn Ty Nilo, Creator of the Belle de Jour Power Planner

Twelve years ago, before she became a mom, Darlyn Ty showcased Belle de Jour Power Planners on the shelves of local bookstores. Planners are always great gifts because they are excellent organization tools. But something about Belle de Jour Power Planners made people want to buy them for themselves as well. It wasn’t just about planning your day, week, or month on a piece of paper. Belle de Jour was inspiring and empowering women to write and live out their dreams.

Today, Belle de Jour is not just a planner, it’s become a movement of products and events that spark women to live their best lives. “Belle de Jour is all about living a deliberate life of fulfilling your goals. There are many things in life you have to balance. Being a mom, being a sister, being a daughter. Belle de Jour is about balancing all these things and still being able to fulfill that part of you that knows, this is just for me,” says Darlene.

As she helped others follow their own path, it also led to her own success. She saw the need for women to take time to take care of themselves. And she’s intentional in keeping this practice now that she’s a mom. “Make sure we have enough for ourselves to be able to give to our kids and to our loved ones. That’s very important because our kids watch us all the time. If we don’t take care of ourselves, it’s a signal to them that they shouldn’t take care of themselves. This is something we need to share to our kids so when they get older, they are more conscious in making their own decisions, looking out for themselves aside from the people they love,” she adds. 

Darlene is smitten with her husband, her 2-year old and 1-month daughters, and her business. With family life and work life in full throttle, how does she do it all? “It’s a bit challenging. Balancing your family, your husband and two kids, and running a business. But I feel that it’s very important for us women to live our lives to the fullest, which is one of the thrusts of our planner. We want to encourage women in different phases and stages of their lives to fulfill their goals. And this is one of the things that I want to impart to my two beautiful girls,” Darlene shares.

Through her passion project, Darlene is a legacy of goals, ambitions, and resolutions. She lives out her beliefs in embracing life and being fully alive. Life is one, huge blank page, and Darlene encourages us to dream and dream often.