#Mompowerment Stories: Delamar Arias. Motherhood Becomes Her

Delamar Arias
Mom of 3, Host of the Mother Show on Magic 89.9. 

Delamar was “that girl on the radio,” captivating audiences for almost twenty years as half of the phenomenal tandem behind RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. From 1996 to 2011, she dominated the airwaves in one of the longest-running shows on FM radio. Then with the show still at its peak, she retired, and people wondered why. 

“Becoming a mother had changed me totally. My body, my mind, my actions, my words. The conversations I wanted to have on radio was changing. And because I couldn’t talk about being a mother at that time, I felt the industry had no more need of me. And I would rather put all my time to my children; give them all my time.”- Delamar Arias 

Today, Delamar’s passion is raising her three wonderful children. And motherhood has steered her to her latest passion project. She shared, “I’m doing a show for mothers. I am one of three hosts of The Mother Show every Friday, 9am to 12noon on Magic 89.9. We talk about everything motherhood, everything fatherhood, and everything women who have children, are concerned about. And for me to be able to talk about it so openly, that is my passion right now.”

The Mother Show is Delamar’s venue for tackling issues that are relevant to moms. She finds it amazing how her favorite #Mompowerment moments are spontaneous and right there on air. Recently, a caller said, “It’s funny because the minute you become a mother, you realize that you were unkind to your own mom.” She lives for those moments that bring tears to her eyes. Moments when she and her listeners learn something new about motherhood together. 

Motherhood has changed Delamar for the better. She may have left her girl-on-the-radio self years ago, but today she is a woman and a mother enjoying the best of both worlds. “I am a mom, but I can still do a show. And what do I want my children to remember most? I don’t mind that they forget many things about me. But I hope all my children remember the love, the time, and that as much as I could, I did. And that even if I got it wrong, I did it,” she said.