Mompowerment: Em Sulit, Mompreneur Game Changer

Before she had kids, Em Sulit led a fast-paced, jet-setting career at a global logistics company for thirteen years. She was a Senior Executive whose forte was trouble shooting and problem solving. But when she started a family, she realized that not even her extensive work experience could prepare her for the adventures and misadventures of motherhood. Because of this, she left her lucrative career to be the full-time CEO of her family.

It was not long before an opportunity for mompreneurship knocked at her door. Her previous clients still wanted to work with her. And that was the beginning of something big! “We started with core clients who wanted to stick with me because I had been handling their accounts for over 10 years,” she shares.

And from there, her business took off with referral upon referral from international clients. “I did not expect Game Changer to be where it is now. Presently, we handle 50 companies from different companies. And it all came back to how I took care of the relationships with our clients before. Relationships are the very foundation of Game Changer,” Em adds. Since having kids transformed her priorities, she decided to name her company Game Changer, a boutique agency, handling events, PR, and marketing for select clients.

After her daughter Izzy was born, she received an offer to go back to her corporate career. But indeed, her priorities had shifted and Em knew which position she had to fill. She shares, “I realized that I’m the only one who can take care of my daughter the way I want her to be taken care of. Nothing can replace the role of mom. I have to be present.”


For Em, her family is the number one priority. Spending a lot of time with her kids allows her to teach by example, something she could not have done if she continued a job that entailed a lot of traveling. “I always teach my kids to be honest, even when no one is looking. These days, it’s all about appearances. But an honest person is always sincerely felt,” Em says. She also carries this virtue in her everyday dealings. “If I feel compelled to say something, I say it. I message brands directly and give my input. In the end, the brands become good friends. It gives me satisfaction knowing I was able to help,” adds Em.

As busy as Em is with Game Changer, her passion for mompreneurship keeps her on her toes. She is cooking up two more passion projects, businesses that reflect how much she values her family. The first is Really Good PH, a company that produces soaps, balms, and oils that promote all-natural wellness. And then there’s Hunt and Gather, a company in pursuit of health and nutrition.

Em once thought she excelled in her work because of her problem-solving skills. She has come to realize that her true gift is in nurturing relationships. And no matter how busy she gets, she never forgets who her top clients are; her family. After all, they are the seeds that helped Em blossom into the game changer she is today.