Mompowerment: Feliz Lucas, Helping Others Find Their Path to Faith and Healing

Feliz Lucas, mom to Ethan, Calea and Courageous Caitie; owner of Lifestyle by Feliz

Many people were moved by the story of Courageous Caitie, an amazing three-year-old who passed away last March 2016 after battling a rare blood cancer. She touched so many lives as she fought brave and hard, keeping her eyes set on Jesus Christ every step of the way. And so, when a child displays depth and faith at such a young age, we look at the parents as the pillars of her strength.

“You will think that if you have lost a child, you have lost. But while you are broken, you will still look for the hope in all of it,” says Feliz. Losing her daughter to a rare kind of disease was beyond difficult. Caitie’s form of leukemia had no existing protocol and would not respond to medicines. Feliz was ready to sacrifice everything necessary for her daughter to live. But she learned that the hardest sacrifice to be made was to let go and let God take control. “It’s hard to tell your daughter that she might not wake up anymore. So instead I told her, If you don’t hear my voice anymore, you just call on Jesus and He will hear you,” she adds.


Feliz shows that there is mompowerment to be found even in great loss. She shares, “I realized my mompowerment is in my vulnerability. There are a lot of women like me. Women who are vulnerable, broken, and scared to let others know they are broken. But there is no shame in vulnerability, it doesn’t mean that you are weak.” She continues to share her story, no matter how painful. As she bares her soul and brokenness, she connects with women who are going through difficult situations. Feliz becomes an instrument in helping them see hope in their future. “They just need to know that you might be broken and hurt, but you don’t need to stay broken. It’s lovely to be imperfect,” she says.

Today, Feliz is one busy mom. Between her family and her business, it seems she might not have time for anything else. But no matter hectic life gets, she never loses sight of the higher calling she has discovered through Caitie’s story.

“We are each called to be the best and live the life God calls us to. It’s not perfect but there will be peace,” Feliz shares. Indeed, Caitie’s story has touched many lives and have helped others who are hurting to find their way to faith and healing.

God takes center stage in Feliz’s life. He may not have answered her prayers for Caitie in the way Feliz asked for, but God has made clear the path of the Lucas family. He has chosen Feliz, Jayjay and their kids to share their stories of trial and tragedy to help bless the lives of others. Feliz adds, “It’s okay that some things are not in our control. It’s okay to be vulnerable. But what’s important is we move forward, we learn from our mistakes, and we become better.”