Mompowerment: Irene Dee, Setting the Example; Wife, Young Mom, Achiever


Irene Dee, Interior Designer; PSID Board Top Notcher.

Irene Dee is proud mom to a 2-year old and a 5-year old. As a young mom, she made the conscious decision to embrace motherhood with a passion. “When I got pregnant, I decided to stop working. And on my second pregnancy, I had a moment where I had to rethink my direction. Will I be a homemaker, or do I want to pursue something else?,” she shares. Irene had a deep calling and decided to pursue her dream.

Hers is an inspiring story not just of achieving dreams, but shattering ceilings. She followed the calling of her creative side and studied interior design while raising her two toddlers. Going back to school presented a lot of challenges as Irene had to divide her time between motherhood and meeting school deadlines. “I really had to make a decision to just put my pen down, put my markers down, and really focus on my children when they came knocking at my door,” she shares.

All of her hard work was well worth it. Irene shares, “I finished the course in 6 years, three times the number of years it takes. Then I took the board exams and I topped it!”

For Irene, no other moment compares to having her children award her graduation medal from the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID). She is aware that it made an indelible impact on her kids to see that nothing is impossible if you set your heart to it.

“Age and time are not a factor as long as you have perseverance and determination. I wanted to show my daughters that being a wife and a mother doesn’t mean you can’t be fulfilled in other ways. It shouldn’t stop you from striving,” says Irene.

Topping the board exams is not the highlight of her story, as amazing as it already sounds. Irene sends a strong, empowering message to every mom that you are worth it. If you are passionate enough about making a change, things will fall into place. As a mother, you set the best example to your children that there is no dream too big or too high when you are willing to do what makes you happy. And that is one of the greatest lessons you can teach your child.