#Mompowerment: Life’s a Stage and Issa is its Bright Star

Issa Litton. Mom of 2, Freelance Host. Theatre actress. Co-organizer of Chick Driven; Women empowerment events.

The stage loves Issa Litton. This seasoned host has conquered the country’s biggest and most influential events with her confidence, wit, and charm. And those who have seen her in action will say that she is, indeed, a host with the most.

Little do we know that Issa lives for the spotlight, not for herself, but for women whom she wants to inspire so they can pursue their dreams. She shares, “What I’m really passionate about is women empowerment. I want to let my fellow moms know that what they want to do, they can.”  While it’s obvious that Issa has it all together on-stage, when it comes to playing out the drama called Life, Issa finds herself empathizing with many of the challenges most women and mothers, go through.

“As you grow, you tend to let in more doubts. Like I question if I am doing the right thing. Aminin na natin. There is no guide book. I really believe in instinct. In listening to that tiny voice that empowers women, especially moms, to say kaya mo.”

If there’s one thing Issa dislikes is the thought of women turning down opportunities and passion projects because of discouragement. She stands brightly on-stage with a mission. She wants to inspire moms like her to be driven by opportunities instead of standing behind with their excuses. She dreams of women going as far as their dreams will take them.

Beyond being a host non pareil, Issa considers motherhood as the most important role she’s ever played. She is intentional in being an example of living the best life you can. “I hope they are taking all of this in. That they have the I CAN attitude. You have to love life because you’ve only got one to live.”, shares Issa.

Through it all, Issa admits she is far from perfect. Yet she stays true and teaches her two daughters to always be authentic. Issa adds, “I tell them that mommy is not perfect. I want to teach them to own up to their mistakes as their armor in learning more about life. Everybody makes mistakes.”

What’s next for Issa? She’s still determined to keep on conquering the stage. But she also has more projects she dreams of, like possibly starting her own business. “I have my wishes and guess what, I also know it’s not too late. I still can, and I will.”, Issa says. But until then, she’ll keep on enjoying the journey, staying positive, grateful and passionate all the way.