Mompowerment: Jeannie Castillo, Bringing Joy Through Dance and Music


Jeannie Castillo, Founder and Director of Kindermusik

It was 15 years ago when Jeannie Castillo discovered Kindermusik. She was searching for a way to teach her first son who has down syndrome. “I was researching ways to teach children with special needs. I came across information on how music helps aid brain development. When I learned about Kindermusik, it spoke to my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” says Jeannie.

Soon thereafter, Jeannie underwent training and became a licensed Kindermusik instructor. She started teaching a few classes and those classes grew into a lot more classes. And then in what seems like a blink of an eye, the Kindermusik program in the Philippines has become the largest operation in the world. She adds, “Kindermusik is the world’s largest music and movement program for children 0 to 7 years old. Music enhances brain development and builds strong family connections.” Needless to say, Jeannie has been singing and dancing ever since.

Now that her kids are past 7 years old, Jeannie shared that her kids continue to miss their Kindermusik experiences. They grew up with daily magical moments with their moms, and love watching their mom recreate that same magic moment with others. “My favorite mompowerment moment or parent-powerment moment is when I see a parent meet their child in a moment that lasts. It could be they are singing a song to their child, sitting on the floor playing with their child, or holding their child as they dance together. It is in that moment when their gazes connect that nothing else matters. The child feels absolutely loved and valued,” she shares.


Teacher Jeannie has brought love, positivity, and joy to countless children and families. And it is her absolute joy that her kids are growing up involved in this amazing journey. With a sparkle in her eyes she says, “For my children to witness my classes is priceless. I know they are growing into loving, kind individuals with a song in their heart.”

A devoted mom and mompreneur, that’s what Jeannie is. As she continues to grow Kindermusik in the Philippines, she takes advantage of her flexible schedule that allows her to be near her kids, be home for lunch, homeschool, and then go dance and sing with her students. She is in tune with the rhythm and flow of her family while connecting more kids and parents through dance and music.