#Mompowerment: Karrots Nazareno; Positivity Advocate. When Joy and Kindness are Your Staunchest Allies

On a regular day, Karrots Nazareno has a lot on her plate juggling multiple roles as wife, mom to 2 boys, yoga instructor, and co-host of a morning show on FM radio. 

It would be more than understandable if she was often stressed or short-tempered but Karrots is quite the opposite. Spend a few minutes with her and you instantly get the feeling like you’re in a park on a sunny day and you toss your head back, laughing, because life is good and all is well. People gravitate towards this ray of sunshine because of her infectious smile, witty banter and easy laughter. 

Right there are her secret ingredients to living life on her own terms. She shares, “I love to laugh. I feel there is so much hardship and so much negativity everywhere you go. So in everything we do, we must go even deeper than laughter. It’s about being joyful.”

Karrots’ passion is in finding joy. She is mother to a teen with autism, and therefore no stranger to the hardships and challenges that come with being parent to a child with special needs. 

She shares, “You really have to learn to take a step back and celebrate little victories. You need to find joy in the victories of the every day stuff. You could be in a storm of hardships and feel like, ‘Oh my goodness, is this ever going to end?’ No, it’s not going to end. That’s why it’s very important to celebrate and be joyful for the little things in your everyday life.” 

Karrots admits that her life revolves around her son. While she loves every moment of her motherhood journey, she considers her busy work schedule as her me-time. She loves being a DJ and a yoga instructor. This is how she reenergizes and takes care of herself. 
Laughter and a joyful spirit are traits that have gotten Karrots through the roughest of patches. She believes that despite the negative, the positive is always a choice, hence no point in wallowing on things that could bring you down when you can choose to be joyful.

For Karrots, the ultimate measure of success is living in joy and being kind. Her dream is to pass on this same appreciation for life to her children. And looking at how she lives her life, it seems inevitable that her sons will inherit her courage to see the beautiful in the face of adversity and be champions of joy and kindness just like their mother.