#Mompowerment: Kaye Catral, When The Art of Bento Is An Expression Of Love

Kaye Catral, BentoMommas

Kaye Catral is one of the women behind BentoMommas, a group of five creative bento-making moms. They each had their reasons for packing fun, whimsical baon for their kids. For one mom, it was a long list of allergies. Another one dealt with a very picky eater. And as for Kaye, she shares “I grew up with working parents and I don’t remember my mom actually packing lunch for me. Since I also work full time, I wanted my children to think of me while they are in school. Bento is my chance for them to bring a part of me with them. Every time they open their lunchbox, they’ll think of me.”

As popularity for their bento skills grew, BentoMommas conducted workshops for moms who wanted to learn making elaborate meal creations filled with love.  Kaye found her passion in inspiring other moms to let their kids feel their presence and love through bento. She also believes that spending time planning meals and preparing food is an activity parent and child can enjoy together. 

Today, Kaye no longer packs bento meals for her kids because they are older. She finds fulfillment in seeing her kids stay involved in preparing magical meals for other kids when they cater for parties. And no matter how many bento meals she’s made, it is always a special moment seeing children’s reactions when they open a bento box made just for him or her. 

“It’s enough for me as a mom to know that my kids learn something from me. And that they can see the sacrifices that I’ve made for them, especially since I’m a single parent. Seeing them help me in the business makes everything easier."