Building A Compassionate World; One Strength at a Time


Kit Malvar Llamas; Mompreneur/Camp Director for Camp Explore; Strengths Coach; Gallup Certified and People Acuity Coach

When asked about her passion project, Kit Malvar Llamas’ eyes light up in the telling. She finds joy and fulfillment in working with the youth and adults as a People Acuity Strengths Coach who sees what you’re good at and works with you so that you see it too; and so you can feel empowered to reach your dreams and your mission that only you can create.
Eighteen years ago, Kit started working with kids as a Camp Director in Camp Explore every summer. Now already year-round, Camp Explore partners with schools to offer outdoor activities and Environmental Education where kids, along with their parents, can experience and appreciate nature.
“I always want to make it sustainable so that whatever the kids and their parents learn in camp, they can apply in everyday life– at home, and at work, because we also run Corporate Team Building programs,” Kit shares.
They do Teamwork and Leadership Programs as Kit is a Strengths Coach; Gallup Certified and People Acuity Coach as well.
“Through my work as a Strengths Coach, I realized we really need to look at each one of us as so beautiful and so unique.  And there’s something only we can do which is to discover our unique mission. Everyone has their own unique puzzle piece to contribute. It’s just that when there is judgement of self and others, then we lose the opportunity to connect.  And when there’s that lost opportunity to connect, then there’s no relationship; instead, there is conflict.  So I want that for you to be able to see that there’s no judgement, you need to learn more about yourself,” Kit shares.
Kit expounds that the more you learn about yourself, the more you will realize that you need others. In this self-awareness journey, you will discover what you are good at, what you are not good at, and both will be okay. Kit advises that discovering strengths is something that would be good to start with parents and their children.
“No matter if you’re a CEO of a company or whether you’re an only child, the bottom line is that when you discover what your strengths are and you don’t hide your weaknesses, it becomes your chance, your opportunity and also your gifts. Your strengths and weaknesses are your gifts because your strengths make you shine while your weaknesses can make others shine. So you need each other,” Kit shares.
What she really wants more than anything is to build relationships, especially the ones that start at home.
“That’s my passion project.  The relationships you have at home are very important. Because you bring it to your office, to your teammates, you bring it in the different roles of your life,” Kit shares.
Her favorite mompowerment moment is when she sees her own family, her husband Iñaki whom she works with and their 2 daughters, Martina and Natalia, discovering their own beauty.


More than anything, Kit’s passionate life mission is for the people she coaches to see their uniqueness and embrace it fully without judgement. This is also the legacy she wishes to share with her two daughters; that of building a better and more inclusive world by realizing and honoring everyone’s strengths, especially one’s own. It is a world where compassion will always prevail.
This September, People Acuity is holding not-to-be-missed experiential workshops with founder and CEO, DeAnna Murphy.
September 8, Saturday, 8-5pm at the Thames International School– Strengths Strategies; Building Strong Youth and Families
September 13 and 14, 8-5pm at the Thames International School- People Acuity Guide (*Pre-requisite: People Acuity Specialist Certification)
For more information, check out their FB page here. Or email Contact number: 0918 279-3799.

Mompreneur/Camp Director for Camp Explore; Strengths Coach; Gallup Certified and People Acuity Coach