#Mompowerment: Lala Dy Buncio, Finding Strength In Motherhood

Lala Dy Buncio, fitness trainer and owner of online activewear brand, Shopmachita. 

Before motherhood, Lala had a flourishing career in the fashion industry working for international brands. Then her baby was born and the whole world changed; she felt the corporate world was no longer for her. She wanted to do something that was close to her heart and sports was her passion. 

Today, while Lala’s most important role is being a mom, she is also a fitness trainer, an indoor rowing teacher, and an indoor boxing instructor. She spends her days inspiring women to move, and it seems that the word “tired” is not in her dictionary. 

“Every time I teach, I want to inspire moms and women to move. That’s what’s in my heart. We all know that motherhood gets crazy, like we don’t even have time to take a bath at times. I just want to inspire them that, hey, small moves can make your day better.”

Lala claims that she was heavy as a child. Early on, she turned the pressure of maintaining a healthy lifestyle into something positive. As she got more into fitness, she thrived on happy hormones released during exercise. Her goal is to share these same happy, exhilarating moments with as many moms as she can. 

So far, the journey has all been worth it. 

Lala shared, "I’ve met moms in all shapes and ages, and the kilig part for me is when someone messages me saying, ‘Hey, Lala, thank you. Now I have my life back,’ and for me that’s something money can’t buy." 

Living a balanced family life while staying fit may seem impossible at times but Lala shows us it can be done. 

Motherhood has definitely changed her for the wiser and through her fitness training, she’s out to help other moms be better and stronger.