#Mompowerment: Lesley Lina, Harnessing The Magic Of A Child’s Make Believe.


Lesley Lina, Creative Director of Make Believe Productions and proud mom of 12-year old Sophie.

Lesley believes there is magic in the imagination of children. During her years of theater experience, she had the opportunity to share her passion for the stage with kids. Lesley enjoyed pulling kids out of their shells and helping them express themselves with confidence. This was the spark that fueled Make Believe Productions, a company that conducts creative arts workshops and theater productions for young ones.

Her decision to start a business was affirmed when Sophie was born. “After I had Sophie, things changed. I looked at her and I said everything is possible. I felt my heart stretched, my mind stretched, the body stretches as well, but I thought even my courage stretched and I felt brave enough to take the leap and put up Make Believe Productions,” she says.

Make Believe Production’s recent musical adaptation of The Little Prince became an unforgettable #mompowerment moment when it became a family affair. Her daughter was involved with the creative process, and her husband wrote the songs. Lesley says, “It felt like so many dreams coming into one space. Being able to have my family involved in this passion project, being able to stage it with our group, and having kids and families enjoy it was really wonderful!”

Lesley believes that the stage brings out the best of Sophie’s authenticity, impulse, and imagination. While Lesley hopes that her daughter pursues theater as she did, she will be happy wherever Sophie is happy. In the end, it’s not just the career Lesley wants to impart to her daughter, but also the courage and commitment to pursue something she loves til it comes to fruition.