Teaching Kids to Love Learning Through Wonder And Awe

#Mompowerment: Rosanna Lopez, Founder of Sparklelab Design and Innovation Hub

Sparklelab isn’t your ordinary workshop center; it’s a space where they help kids explore science, technology, engineering, the arts, math, and humanities through play-based learning. Their goal is to help raise a generation of innovative thinkers who come up with new ways to look at the world. 

It seems that all of Rosanna Lopez’s life experiences have set the stage for Sparklelab. Her background in international relations brought her to Palestine, New York, and finally in Mindanao to teach kids to create documentary films. “I realized that one way to achieve peace and understanding across people from different nations is by using technology and the power of the visual image,” she shares. 

As Rosanna began to dabble in game design and development, she realized that her passion was not just in technology but a love for working with young people. From there, Sparklelab was born. 

Despite parents and kids’ clamor for her workshops, Rosanna still considers Sparklelab a start-up. The work is endless, and she even feels guilty at times for spending time away from her son. 

Rosanna has learned to take things day by day and moment by moment. When she’s feeling tired, feedback from kids and parents are always worth the sweat, blood, and tears she pours into her business. She shares, “I absolutely love it when I have moms come up to me and say ‘Thank you for being such an inspiration and positive influence to my child.’ Also, when I hear about moms taking an interest in the passions of their children. Empowering moms and having them enjoy playful experiences with their kids is a very empowering moment for me as well.”

Rosanna stays focused on her goal of helping kids stay curious and creative in our digital world. Her days of travelling in the field of international relations may be over, but she’s decided, more than ever, to help her students use their imagination to take them places they never dreamed possible.