#Mompowerment. When your language of love is capturing life’s magical moments.

Sheila Catilo. Lifestyle and Family Photographer.

Sheila Catilo is a lifestyle and family photographer whose passion lies in capturing unforgettable moments that make for beautiful memories.

She credits her mother for instilling this passion in her; for being the kind of mom who took tons of photos of her children in everyday life whether it was playing with pets at home, biking out on the street with friends, or celebrating birthdays. Thanks to her mom, Sheila has piles of albums that can magically take her back to her happy childhood on a whim.

Everything clicked into place when Sheila became a mom. She shared,“When I saw my firstborn, I just fell in love with her. I would watch her sleep and take pictures of her sleeping or making a mess while eating. It was really just a magical phase in my life, not just as a mom but as someone who was watching a miracle unveil every day.” That was her breakthrough. Her mompowerment came when she realized that what she wanted to do through her workshops, was to share with other parents how to capture the wonderful years we can only go back to so clearly with the power of photography. 

The joy of catching life’s precious moments is a legacy she wants to pass on to her children so they can be grounded in memories filled with love and have those to hold on to no matter what challenges they go through in life.

When asked about life tips she can share with other moms, Sheila believes in making the most of all that you have now and accepting that our motherhood journey is all about learning on the job. But most of all, apart from raising our children the best we can, being a mom is teaching our children to be anchored on their faith and living life rest assured that everything will fall into place as long as you trust Him with all your heart’s desires.

Looking through the lens of Sheila’s heart, it is no small wonder that she captures all that is good and beautiful; life’s magical moments meant to be treasured for always.