Mompowerment: Shen Cala-or, Telling Stories That Boost Beauty Confidence & the Joys of Motherhood


Shen Cala-or, blogger,

It was ten years ago when Shen found blogging as an avenue to talk about what she loved; makeup and skin care. Since then, has become a definite guide for women who want truthful reviews of the latest products in the market. 

When Shen met motherhood, her life changed. While she still loves all things beauty, she found her true passion in her children. With her husband and two kids in her life, she has transformed her blog into beauty, lifestyle, and baby bliss. 

“That’s the beauty of blogging. There are really no rules. So whichever part of your life you’re in, you can write it down, and there will always be people you can connect with through that,” Shen shares. 

Being a mom has changed Shen for the better. As she shared stories about her family life, parenting, and real-mom experiences, she found herself connecting to her readers in a special way. There are special moments that fill her with mompowerment euphoria. 


She says, “Aside from being a beauty blogger, I know I am empowering women to love themselves by using make-up as a tool for empowerment. But I think the most powerful I felt was when I started breastfeeding. I met a lot of people who were able to help me understand my body. Breastfeeding allowed me to see my body in a different perspective, understanding how we were wonderfully made by God.”

From deciding which shade of lipstick will look best on a woman’s skin tone to talking about ways to improve health, and all the way through real-life mommy experiences, Shen is there for her readers. Her blog has become a part of her readers’ lives. Her honesty connects and makes a difference. She is inspired as she inspires and that is what keeps her writing.