Mompowerment: Sheryn Alvarez, When Anchored in Faith, One is Never Alone


Sheryn Alvarez, Digital Marketing and Management Consultant, Hands-on Single Mom

Sheryn Alvarez is a single, work-at-home mom. “When I found out I was pregnant, I had to make a command decision. Am I going to go the typical route of having her raised by a relative? Or by hiring a helper so that I can remain in the corporate world? Or am I going to be brave, step out in faith knowing that even if circumstances have changed, my convictions about parenting should not? By the grace of God, I found a way to rebuild my career working from home,” shares Sheryn.

Sheryn raises her daughter 24/7, a decision she made early on, while working full time as a Digital Marketing and Management Consultant handling off-shore clients. If you ask her which role is more important, the answer is crystal clear.

She knew straight away that she needed to prioritize her daughter, but at the same time being a single mom, she had to grow her career.

This is a struggle many moms face at present. And Sheryn is there to encourage fellow moms that if she can do it, anyone can. “I try my best to help other moms who feel torn between being there for their child and pursuing a career for the child’s future. It can be done and it’s going to be okay. Don’t give in to the limitations in your head,” says Sheryn.

Working from home is not a glamorous life. Sheryn sometimes thinks of what could be if she worked full time in a corporate setting. “I could probably give my daughter all the things she wants, or live in a better place, or even take her to Disneyland. But the way we are set up now, she will have memories of me actually being there for her. I can safely say I have never missed a single moment of her life from her first step to her first word,” says Sheryn with pride. For her, staying at home is more than providing your child’s basic needs, it is a valuable opportunity to build the foundations of who her child is going to grow up to be. She adds, “Money and career will always happen. But my daughter is not always going to be this small. I know my priorities. Sometimes society doesn’t always acknowledge that as the best priority, but it doesn’t matter because she looks up to me.”

Sheryn can proudly say that she has weathered the ups and downs of young single parenthood by being anchored in her faith in God. “I realize that I don’t have the power to raise my daughter in a good way, but God has (the power). And because of His strength and grace, I am able to be the best mother He has called me to be so that I can raise my daughter to be the person He has called her to be. I just anchor myself on God and prioritize Him, and everything else falls into place,” she shares.