Mompowerment: Tin Palomo; Creating Change by Helping Others Help Others


Tin Palomo, social worker and Founder of Full Responsibility

Tin Palomo was a social worker for 25 years in New York City when she decided to bring her breadth of skills and wealth of knowledge back home to the Philippines. Tin was guided to create an impact in her home country by a verse in the Bible found in John 10:10 where Jesus said, “I have come to give life and give it to you in full.” Hearing the message loud and clear, she founded Full Responsibility, a consulting firm that creates opportunities for individuals and corporations to give back through social responsibility projects. “We basically bring resources together for bigger social impact for Filipinos, locally and globally,” she shares.

Creating social impact is challenging, especially when you’re introducing the concept to others. But there is no other moment more amazing than knowing you have made a difference in others’ lives. It is a personal reward Tin reaps whenever she brings someone to the realization that tasks big and small create positive change in society. Helping others is more than crossing off something from your bucket list; rather, it becomes a personal belief that giving and helping build a meaningful life. “With Full Responsibility you can bring people with resources to make a difference for people who have none. I like seeing that change, being a part of that change, and leading that change”, she enthused.

Of all the people that Tin has moved through Full Responsibility, her most cherished student is her daughter Amy. As young as she is, Amy has learned to do things not just for her own improvement, but for the betterment of others. Tin made an acronym that encapsulates how she lives intentionally for her daughter. “M is that you have to have a Mission. I want to teach Amy how important it is to know who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re going to do. O is to make the most of every Opportunity. And the last M is to make Memories. My legacy is that I’ll never be too busy for my daughter. I’ll have Full Responsibility as a job, but as a mom she won’t miss me regardless of how crazy my work schedule is,” says Tin.

In the Bible, it says that each person’s abundance is to supply the needs of those in need. Tin lives out this principle through her work and her faith. She adds, “On work-life-family balance, I let GOD lead. G is that God guides me. I really believe in Matthew 6:33 that if you seek Him first, all these things will be added onto you. O is to use every opportunity and resource. And D, is to be dynamic, be pro-active or reactive in keeping up with the times.”

Tin provides opportunities for people to bless others, and in the process becomes a huge blessing as well. She’s definitely taken Full Responsibility on being a force for change. And through her work, we can expect more people and companies to ride the tide of her movement of giving back.