Mompreneur Meet-Up: Start The Year Smart

They say that being a mom helps you become a successful entrepreneur. From the moment your bundle of joy arrives, you know life is never going to be the same. You find yourself dealing with concepts you’ve never encountered before, and you become pretty good at dealing with change.

Moms acquire many skills from parenting that are essential in running a business. Working under pressure has never known a child looking for his favorite pair of socks while his school bus is outside waiting. Negotiation skills are sharpened everyday when you to try to hard sell veggies to your kids. And when faced with minimum financial resources, moms have the ability to come up with creative strategies to pull through tough situations. What better preparation for a business start-up could there possibly be?

Even if family and career isn’t an easy combination, Mompreneurs make it work through their passion, patience, and determination. Mommy Mundo understands that Mompreneurs mean business, and they need every bit of help they can get!

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