Moms Share the Love with Yolanda Victims


Momshare’s efforts to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda brought forth many acts of kindness both from conscientious moms and their equally eager-to-share children. One of our youngest do-gooders was Minelli Profeta, who celebrated her seventh birthday by asking guests to bring toys for the younger victims of Typhoon Yolanda. LJ Wilson, a homeschooling mom, supervised a toy drive all the way from the United Kingdom. Others who graciously shared what they have include: • Patricia: clothes • Laurie: clothes • Leah: clothes • Lean: clothes • Janice: clothes • Rome: clothes, toys, shoes • Enna: 35 dresses and 109 toys • Jeanne: clothes • Mocs and kids: stuffed toys • Ines: clothes • Candice: clothes and nursing tops • Jackie: stuffed toys and clothes • Grace and Minelli: clothes and toys • Mutya Laxa: 100 pillows • Terry SA: assorted clothing and items through the United for Yolanda office drive • Laurie & Caloy: boxes of Dr. J Rubbing Alcohol • LJ Wilson: assorted clothing, toys, baby equipment

We were flooded with donations to say the least, proving once again that the bayanihan spirit is very much alive among our countrymen even in these modern times.

Our efforts started off with a clothing donation drive which we launched in several events, including the Mommy Mundo Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City and the Princess Lea book launch at the National Bookstore branch in Glorietta late last year.

Our partners from Numa Baby in Quezon City, Fun Ranch in Pasig, and concerned mom Karrots Nazareno in Alabang willingly opened their doors to become receiving centers for donors all over Metro Manila.

We also supported efforts of the 1,000 Bears Toy drive for the children who were affected by this devastating typhoon.

By partnering with Elecrolux’s Clothes For Hope campaign, all donations of clothes and stuffed toys were laundered fresh by Electrolux. Together with other Electrolux partners, more than 3,000 Kilos of clothing were donated and turned over to the Sagip Kapamilya foundation.

Momshare partnered with the following organizations who served as direct links to the communities in need:

- Brand new underwear from Barbizon to the Great Panty Drive, which were warmly received by the folks over at Barangay Gomez Sitio Gutierrez in Dinagat Island through Sheila Catilo

- The ONE Run organized by

- Relief drive of the Assumption College, San Antonio Parish in Makati,and the Patola Group

- The Philippine Toy Library

- Philip Leroux, a missionary based in Palawan who personally distributed relief goods to 6 islands in Agutaya, Palawan which were unreached by government efforts

We would like to thank all the families who shared their time, effort, and resources in making this project a truly fulfilling one. It is heartening to know that in our own little way, we have brought a little ray of sunshine into the lives of our countrymen.

Making donations at the Princess Lea book launch

Mommy Mundo founder Janice Villanueva at the launch of the Clothes for Hope campaign

Donations packed and ready to go

Donations to be distributed to victims of typhoon Yolanda

Smiles all around