A Mother's Day Hug to All #TeamMoms!


They listen to us. They comfort us. They support us. They giggle with us. They cry with us. They laugh with us. They shop with us. What would be without our #TeamMom?! Here, some heartwarming messages of love, appreciation, and admiration to the #TeamMoms of the Mommy Mundo community!

sarpchic JOLEA OVALLES My own #TeamMom! They are the secret to how I managed to get through my fourth trimester. The constant support with breastfeeding and those overflowing advice helped me a lot. But what I loved most was that even their moms and mom in laws were very supportive and helpful. As a first time mom, without my own mom by my side, these women literally taught me how to get though every day for the last three months. I'm so blessed with the right people in my life. Thank God I chose the right friends.

rocoi ROCEL VILLASIS This is my #TeamMom – a group of breastfeeding moms in my workplace who regularly interact in our expression room and connect not only because we breastfeed but also to support each other and share advice on parenting/household/marital issues, medical concerns and anything else that comes to mind. We have quarterly lunches as well to celebrate milestones and welcome new members! It really does take a village, in this loving community we know that we're all in this together!

featuredmom NANAY IAM OF DELIGHTFUL HIMIG Thankful for Instagram cause I got to meet Momma Roma and Audris and their beautiful babies. Through scouting for OOTD and OOTD spots, to late night chikahans about anything and everything under the sun, and of course, our endless dreams of becoming supermodels ourselves. It all started with taking pictures with our kids but it has now evolved to sharing dreams and passions. Motherhood is definitely easier with my #TeamMom.

dette DETTE ZULUETA With my #TeamMom! Thanks for the support through the years @kamplozano. We have gone through a long way from being colleagues to friends, to passion project partners! Would not have survived the first years of motherhood without you! Thanks so much my dear!

themommaclub THE MOMMA CLUB From college barkada and now my #TeamMom. Motherhood is so much fun because I can share it with this awesome bunch! It is so easy to open up and voice out my qualms when they're the ones around. Though we may not see each other as often as before, and that we share parenting tips and advice mostly over the phone, to this #TeamMom I'll always belong.

marie MARIE AYLLON My mom and my besties, @sassymisstoni and @camsdelatoree are my #TeamMom. Since I found out I was pregnant until my baby girl #CieloLouise was born, they have been supportive of me and my motherhood journey. I would constantly receive tips on what baby products to use and buy, books and links to read, apps to download, what to and not eat, what to pack in the hospital bag, where to enroll for playschool, etc. My Mom raised all four of us, Toni has two kids and Camille has a son, all with different struggles and triumphs which they share with me. I'm happy to have them around and grateful for everything they share with me after all, mothers know best!

chenstaqs CHEN GEANNE MAMUYAC-EUSTAQUIO Missing my #TeamMom, they're not just my friends, I consider them as sisters too. We share sentiments from stinky nappies, stressful mom-life and happy days! All out support with utmost care is what we always extend to each other especially during the lows. And we never forget to celebrate the highs and life events. We see to it that we see each other every week, not just to have “mommas-day-out” but for our kids to have their playdates too. Our hubbies are even worried whenever we don't have plans to meet up. Haha! I love this bunch! Motherhood became livelier having them around!

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