Move Up With Pampers Baby Dry Pants


When it comes to diaper changing and a growing baby, moms can expect many challenges. For one thing, it's difficult to keep baby still as his diaper is changed. While mom doesn't want to disturb baby as he explores the world around him, the reality is that a soiled nappy needs to be changed. So the quicker mom can change it, the better. After all, this time of exploration and of discovering the environment is important to a child's holistic development. Baby needs his playtime, and mom need not cause a disruption just because he has to be changed. Fortunately, with Pampers Baby Dry Pants, baby can experience unbeatable dryness, and changing nappies won't be such a struggle.

Last August 14, 2016, Pampers introduced their newest brand ambassadors: Andi Manzano-Reyes and her adorable daughter, Olivia. During the program, the importance of playtime was emphasized to the audience, which was mostly made up of young moms. Ichel Alignay, registered psychologist and family counselor and author of Growing Up Wired, discussed the benefits of child play. Andi gave the audience a peek into how she bonds with Olivia and shared with them their favorite playtime activities.

Here are are some key takeaways from Ichel's talk on the importance of child play:

  • Play helps in a child’s physical development. Playing helps in tuning gross and fine motor skills through walking, running, dancing, and such.
  • Play helps in a child’s cognitive development as it lets him practice speech and language and use his creativity and imagination.
  • Play enables a child to be in tune with his emotions.
  • Mom does not need to do everything for her child. She should let him learn in his own way.
  • Maximize play time by keeping the environment conducive for learning.

After the engaging discussion between Ichel and Andi, the folks from Pampers demonstrated the power of their new Baby Dry Pants. The moms in attendance were able to see what it can do. Pampers Baby Dry Pants not only keeps the wetness in the material, it also holds it for more than eight hours, keeping your baby fresh for a long time.


After the demonstration, a Mommy Panel featuring Andi, Ichel, celebrity mom Say Alonzo, and breastfeeding advocate and author Teresa Dumadag discussed motherhood, self-care, and parenting. Moms were also encouraged to ask questions. The session proved to very insightful since most moms want to figure out ways to deal with their children, themselves, and the ever-changing times.



Experience Pampers Baby Dry Pants in 3 Easy Steps:

  • STEP #1: STRETCH. It features a stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs to make sure it fits baby snugly, allowing him to play and move around.
  • STEP #2: EASY TO PUT ON. Just put one leg at a time and pull up. It's super easy unlike taped diapers where baby has to lie down so that the tapes are evenly placed.
  • STEP #3: EASY TO TEAR OFF. Just tear off at the sides and dispose.

The New Pampers® Baby Dry Pants has a Soft Touch-Dry Layer and Magic Gel that absorbs liquid 30x its weight, providing baby with outstanding leakage protection even during active play. It even has a breathable back sheet for increased comfort and protection against skin irritation.


Price and availability:

  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium (20’s): 204 PHP SRP
  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (18’s): 214 PHP SRP
  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants XLarge (16’s): 214 PHP SRP
  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (14’s): 214 PHP SRP

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