MPowered Moms: Providing Parents with Essential Life Skills


Moms have to deal with all sorts of situations every day. She could be planning the family budget one moment and then kissing her daughter's booboo the next. She could be doing the groceries in the morning and then taking care of her sick child at night. Indeed, motherhood requires women to take on so many varied roles that it can sometimes be overwhelming, specially when she isn't exactly prepared for it. On July 25, 2015, Saturday, moms have the opportunity to learn skills and techniques which can prepare them for medical emergencies and financial issues at MPowered Moms. A learning workshop sponsored by Mompreneur Manila, Pioneer Insurance, and St. Luke's Medical Center, it will be held at F1 Hotel BGC, from 1PM to 4PM.


The first half of the afternoon will be conducted by the St. Luke's Medical Center BGC-HR Training Group. Moms will undergo a CPR/Basic Life Support Training Course. Being equipped with such skills and knowledge is particularly important as it could spell the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

While the medical course will prepare you for once-in-a-lifetime events, the financial planning workshop will make sure that you are well equipped to manage the necessities of everyday living. For instance, do you know exactly how much you spend for everything your family needs, from food, transportation, and rent to school and medical expenses, every month? Do you know how much you'll be needing in order to send your children to the right university? Do you know how much you'll be needing in order to retire with grace and comfort? If your answer is no to at least one of these questions, then this workshop is definitely for you!

This empowering event is FREE! All you need to do is reserve a seat by texting your full name to 0908-8657245. See you there!