Music Rules!


Kids usually take after their parents’ hobbies and interests, from a love of food, cars, or books to a taste for Andrea Boccelli, Megadeath, or Michael Jackson! One really wonders if it’s environmental or genetic, especially if you see the prim-and-proper Mom walking about with her spiky-haired rocker kids.

Nevertheless, it’s important to encourage your kids’ individuality as much as it is to expose them to different stimuli and experiences. Who knows? Your piano playing child might also find soulful expression in Jimi Hendrix’s music!

Bug & Kelly helps us start ‘em young with Music Inspired Kids Wear. Designed with a specific song or song title, the unique graphics of the shirts and onesies are meant to inspire and keep the spirit of joy in all musical forms alive.

Husband and wife Julio S. Hernandez Jr. (Bug) and Raquel Z. Hernandez (Kelly) loved teaching their kids about music so much that Music Inspired Kids Wear came to life in August 2011 in one of their family jam sessions.

Let your kids rock it out with Bug & Kelly at Apart from cool baby onesies, there are also tee shirts for kids up to 12 years old. They even have hand-made hair bows and hair clips.

Photos from Bug&Kelly