Mustela Maternite: Taking Care of Mommy's Needs


One of the most significant moments in a woman's life is the day she finds out that she is going to become a mother as pregnancy is a joyous occasion filled with many eye-opening discoveries. Cat Arambulo-Antonio, blogger and digital influencer, says, “I love that being pregnant means carrying a life. It boggles my mind to know that there is a human being growing inside of me and it is such a miracle.” Pregnancy brings with it a number of challenges too. The morning sickness, the food cravings, the bloating, and the stretching—these could all bring unnecessary anxiety to even the most patient of anticipating moms. Taking care of themselves is thus important, from watching what they eat and spending time with their girlfriends to pampering themselves to make them feel beautiful. 2015 Mustela Maternité 7 Product Line Visual

Mustela Maternité, a range of specialty products formulated to provide measured responses to changes the skin undergoes during pregnancy, takes care of expectant moms in the same manner that the Mustela brand has taken care of the skin of babies for many years. It is hypoallergenic, 100 percent compatible with breastfeeding, and dermatologically proven effective. Plus, each product contains avocado peptides, a patented active ingredient which relieves sensations of tightness, leaving the skin more elastic and supple.

Mustela Maternite's Stretch Marks Prevention Cream includes a patented active ingredient, Galactoarabinan, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and combats stretch marks. It has been proven to prevent stretch marks up to 96 percent. Its beeswax and shea butter components moisturize and nourish the skin.

Complementing the cream is Mustela Maternite's Stretch Marks Prevention Oil. It promises to improve the skin's elasticity by 98 percent. The oil combines Lupeol, extracted from lupine seeds, with natural oils from pomegranates, avocados, rosehips, and baobab seeds to nourish and improve skin elasticity.

For developing and existing stretch marks, there is the Stretch Marks Recovery Serum. It contains a combination of ingredients which reduce the visual impact of stretch marks. One of the ingredients is the Elastoregulator, a plant extract active ingredient that helps regenerate the collagen and elastin fibers that are altered during the formation of stretch marks.

Because a woman's skin gets easily irritated during the course of pregnancy, there is Mustela Maternite's Soothing Moisturising Balm. It has been formulated to combat dry skin, prevent itchiness, maintain hydration, and strengthen the skin. Meanwhile, the Light Legs Gel alleviates the discomfort and fatigue brought on by weight gain and hormonal changes. It also helps improve circulation in the veins and provides an immediate feeling of comfort.

Expectant women also have firming up issues which are adequately answered by Mustela Maternite's Bust Firming Serum, which not only tightens and tones the breasts but also improves and firms up the skin, and the Body Firming Gel, which helps moms regain their pre-pregnancy shape.

Cat says, “I love the Mustela Maternité line. It has everything! While there are some changes that women cannot avoid, there are ways to decrease their effects on the body. I especially love the stretch marks prevention cream and oil. I use them every day!”

She advises moms: “You need to take care of yourself. Because if you look good, you feel good too.”

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