Mustela's Rebirth


One of the main concerns of moms is the proper skincare of their baby. The baby's skin is sensitive and can easily be irritated. Trying out the wrong lotion can irritate the sensitive skin and leave harsh chemicals on the baby's body. So instead of experimenting, moms turn to Mustela since it has over 60 years of experience, has a cutting edge reseach and development center and committed to using safe, natural and innovative formulas for their products. Range Picture 1

Mustela has launched a  program to advance knowledge about infants' skin, from birth onwards. And it is through this study that researchers discovered that a newborn's skin contains a rich cellular resource which is a reserve of stem cells at its highest potential at birth yet remains vulnerable during the first few years of life. These cellular resources constitute the vital resources of baby's skin and are needed for a lifetime.

After 10 years of research, The Mustela Bebe line is now reformulated and has a new active ingredient Avocado Perseose. To make baby's skin less vulnerable while protecting this unsuspected wealth of stem cells, the Mustela scientific team found this active ingredient capable of both supporting the development of the barrier function and even more importantly, protecting the reserve of cells against day-to-day stresses.


The Mustela Bebe products can be used from birth and onwards. The products are hypoallergenic, clinically tested under the supervision of dermatologists and pediatricians, completely eliminated questionable ingredients like paraben, phenoxyethanol, phthalate, alcohol and others.

Mustela has 4 product ranges:

Mustela Bebe range - products are formulated for the everyday skin care needs of the newborns, babies and children. The offered products are built around 4 essential routines including hygiene, bath time, nappy changing and skin care.

Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics range - products are made for specific skin problems like dry skin with eczema, hypersensitive skin, nappy rash and cradle cap.

Mustela 9 Months range - products are made for a woman's changing skin during pregnancy, after giving birth and breastfeeding.

Mustela Sun Protection - protects the delicate or intolerant skin of babies and children.

With Mustela's rebirth, baby's skincare will never be the same.

Mustela in the Philippines is exclusively distributed by Pharmasafe Inc. It is available in stand alone kiosks in malls in Metro Manila and in shops like Rustan's, Landmark, Mothercare Pure Beauty, Numa Eco Baby Store, Medela House and Chimes Department Store. For more information, visit Mustela's website or follow them at their Facebook account: Mustela Philippines Mommy Pages directory list: