New Baby Shopping List


Shopping for the little one is always a delightful adventure especially since there are just so many great options in terms of brands and designs these days. Because it's so easy to get overwhelmed with the choices, here's a list of the things that you actually need for baby's first few years. Most of these items you could find at Expo Mom Holiday Edition, which is happening at the Glorietta Activity Center from November 6 to 8, 2015. Apart from filling up your baby essentials, you'll find other goodies for your Christmas shopping list too! Happy shopping! BABY CLOTHES * Undershirts, six to 12 pieces * Onesies, five to 10 pieces * Rompers, four to eight pieces * Sweaters, one to three pieces * Socks or booties, four to eight pairs * Mittens, three to four pairs * Bibs, five to 10 pieces * Hat/bonnet, two pieces * Sleepsuits, five to seven pieces

BABY LINENS * Fitted sheets, four to six pieces * Quilted mattress pads, two to three * Blankets, two to three * Receiving blankets, two to five * Towels, two to four * Burping cloths, 1 dozen * Cloth diapers, 4 dozen * Disposable diapers, always have a pack in stock

BABY TOILETRIES, SUPPLIES, AND OTHERS * Baby wash * Baby scissors or nail clippers * Baby brush and comb * Cotton balls * Diaper rash ointment * Baby wipes * Baby safe insect repellent * Baby safe sunscreen * Breast pump * Breast milk storage bags/containers * Digital thermometer * Nasal aspirator * Ear syringe * Humidifier * Nappy bag * Changing mat

BABY FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT * Baby monitor * Stroller * Baby car seat * Baby carrier or sling * Baby rocker * Playmat * High chair * Tub seat * Crib * Crib mattress * Crib bumper * Playpen or bassinet * Baby bath tub or non-slip bathing mat * Diaper pail or hamper

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