#PassItOnMom: Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz, Importance of Good Health And Active Lifestyle


Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz, a very fit mom of two, is also an events specialist and has always been athletic. She is into multi-sports such as taekwondo, frisbee, climbing, skateboarding, long boarding, and many more.

Her love for fitness and sports is undeniable. Thanks to her parents who were also very active back in the day. Her parents taught her and her siblings how to swim and introduced them to taekwondo. They worked out together as a family. This healthy bonding taught her a lot of values that she applies to everything she does as a woman, a wife, and a mother. She said that sports taught her discipline and punctuality. Today, Nicole continues to inspire and motivate women, young and old, through talks and social media posts.


Passing On The Importance of Good Health And Having An Active Lifestyle

Just like any mom, she also struggled with her health when she got pregnant and was put on bed rest. The “rest” from physical activities extended even after giving birth. She just stayed home to take care of her kids. She lost her fit physique. She felt sluggish and weak. Worst of all, because of inactivity, her health was compromised. She had high cholesterol. Instead of self-pitying, she did something about it. She started doing home workouts.

“I told myself, this has to stop. I need to do something. I did home workouts because I can’t just go to the gym anytime I want, whenever I want to, because of course I have kids already. So I have to be creative, being a mom we need to be creative now. Since I'm a graduate of Sports Science, I can do this. I can do home workouts. With whatever I have at home I use it as my equipment. Like for example chairs, I do dips on chairs. I also do push ups. At the start I can't do push ups and pull ups anymore. So I had to modify it. With whatever I have at home I use it as my equipment. Like for example chairs, I do dips on chairs. I also do push ups. At the start I can't do push ups and pull ups anymore. So I had to modify it. Slowly by slowly I was able to increase strength.”

Apart from being fit, Nicole shared how sports helped her grow as a person. “Being in sports opened so many opportunities for me that I never thought I could reach or experience before. I was able to go to different places because of competitions. I never thought I would represent the country but I was able to. I’m very happy with sports and I'm grateful and blessed that we're introduced to sports with my family. For my kids, I also want them to experience the same thing that I've experienced. Now that I'm a mom it's not easy because I have so many things on my plate. I have to think of what I do at home at work. There are so many things.”

But even if she wears the motherhood hat all the time making her very occupied, she still finds time to work out even at home. This is what she wants to influence other moms to do as well. But as a reminder, Nicole said to “always remember to set realistic goals, don't just set goals that would add stress on you. Know your capacity, and set realistic goals.”

But what’s more admirable with Nicole, is her passion for fitness passed on intentionally to her children. “When I workout my kids always see me. They're always happy to see me. because when you work out you feel good, it's a stress reliever for me. When you feel good it shows. So my kids always see me workout and they follow it too. I like that they follow me, it only shows that they think it's fun so I let them do it also. So slowly I pass on to them the importance of being fit.” This is her way of instilling a healthy lifestyle in her kids’ lives even while they are still young.

To moms, this is what she has to say, “What I want to pass on to other moms is the importance of health and to also have an active lifestyle that makes us happy. I just want all the moms to know that we all have the capacity to be incredible and great! All we have to do is to set aside our fears, doubts, and insecurities, and to be the best empowered mom that we could be.”

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