On the Go Protection


http://www.flickr.com/photos/hypermom/9074351545/ There’s a science behind the proper care of newborns—and Aprica has it down pat with its latest stroller, Karoon Plus. Because the stroller carries a most precious cargo, Karoon Plus provides all sorts of protective features from its cute capsule multi-hood down to its 3D suspension system.

Because the hood can be adjusted in small angles, it effectively protects your little babe from ultraviolet rays. Two windows allow you to have a wonderful view of how your babe is doing while nestled inside the stroller. Inside, it’s comfortably cool because of Aprica’s Double Thermo Medical System with its ventilating holes and reflecting boards. Plus, your babe’s posture and developing bones are supported by the Medical Growth Mamolu system, which has been developed jointly by pediatricians and experts.

To ensure that baby always gets a sweet ride, Aprica has equipped the Karoon Plus with the 3D Suspension System. This allows the stroller to move up and down and left and right while minimizing the effects of uneven road surfaces.

It’s surprising then that Karoon Plus can give your babe all that protection, but only weighs 4.6 kg. It’s so portable and lightweight that it can open and close with a single touch—and with just one hand! How’s that for hassle-free mobility?

For more information, visit www.aprica.com or go to their Facebook page: APRICA PH.