OXO Tot for Growing Kids


One of the good things about mom-run businesses is that you know it has the best interests of kids and parents at heart. Take a child-friendly product or service in the market, and there's a big chance that a mompreneur is behind it. Such is the case with the introduction of OXO Tot in the Philippines. One of the biggest household brands in the world, OXO Tot is known for its ergonomic and innovative products for feeding, cleaning, and bathing. It also offers a comprehensive product line that answers every stage of a child's development.

It was Ives Lim-Esteban, the mompreneur behind Halo Philippines, who launched the OXO Tot brand in the Philippines. Deciding to bring it into the country was easy as the brand values quality and safety in the same way that she does.

"As a mom, I invest in baby products that give the best value for money. These are not necessarily products with the lowest prices, but rather those that are built to last, versatile to grow with my child’s developing needs, and backed by a brand trusted for their strict safety standards.”

Every aspect of the product experience is submitted to rigorous research and analysis. Child development experts are consulted so that OXO Tot product developers are thoroughly knowledgeable, from how a child holds handles to how he sits on a chair, resulting in thoughtfully designed products.

Ives says, "We get comments from moms like, 'Why didn't anybody think of this before?'"

"I always say that the OXO Tot experience is like upgrading from a regular mobile phone to a smart phone. Once you've used a smart phone, you wouldn't want to go back to your regular phone!"

Ives is particularly ecstatic over three OXO Tot products, which moms must consider as must-haves. These are...

 OXO Tot Feeding Line


OXO Tot Feeding Line

Mommy's concern: "Experts agree that self-feeding is important to foster a child’s independence. However, children can have a clumsy, messy time trying to self-feed. Just imagine how frustrating it must be when you are so hungry but can’t seem to bring the food into your mouth!”

OXO Tot's solution: It's all in the details. Utensils have curved, non-slip grip for easy handling. A removable outer ring on the plate keeps food in place. A roll up bib catches stray food and keeps clothes clean.

Baby Food Mill


OXO Tot Baby Food Mill

Mommy's concern: Using electronic blenders may destroy up to 90 percent of the nutrients in food.

OXO Tot's solution: Apart from having an ergonomic design, this food mill produces less heat and oxidation. More nutrients are thus preserved. Plus, it is lightweight and compact.




OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

Mommy's concern: Consistency is key to potty training. But how can moms be consistent with regular potties which could be outgrown by children?

OXO Tot's solution: This product can be used either as a stand-alone potty or as a potty seat on grown-up toilets. It also folds neatly and comes with a travel bag, so that the child need only use one potty seat anytime, anywhere.

For more information, go to www.oxototph.com. OXO Tot products are available on the site and at Mothercare and Rustans branches nationwide.