Two Painting Activities To Entertain Your Toddler

Painting helps children express themselves creatively. It’s a constructive and enjoyable activity that kids love!

Keeping a two or three-year old busy may prove to be tricky. But instead of just splashing paint onto a canvass, here are two parent-assisted painting activities that’ll surely capture your toddler’s imagination.

Activity 1: Bubble Wrap Painting

What you need:

Bubble Wrap cut into the size of your short bond paper

Short bond paper

Tempra paint or any water-based tape

Paintbrushes or cut-up sponge

Masking tape

Start the fun:

1.       Cut the bubble wrap in the shape of your paper. Set aside the paper when you're done. 

2.       Tape down the bubble wrap on your surface for more control. We used sticky tack to hold the bubble wrap down.

3.       Start painting on the bubble wrap. Let your child experiment with colors and feeling the texture of the bubble wrap.

4.       After a while, give your child the sheet of paper to push down on top of the paint and make a really nice print. Your child can stomp on it too!

5.       Gently lift up the bubble wrap and voila! The masterpiece is done.


Activity 2: Tape Resist Painting

What you need:

Card stock or water color paper

Masking tape


Tempera paint or water color

Get started:

1.       Tear strips of masking tape and put it on the paper to form an image, a name, or pattern. Make sure to press the edges of the tape down securely to prevent paint from seeping under the edges.

2.       Paint over the entire paper. Make sure to print over the taped areas well!

3.       When the painting is done, let the paint dry. Then gently lift the tape from the paper. You can make this into a card or an artwork. There is so much potential with tape resist art.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to enjoy! You don’t have to follow the steps one by one, just make sure you have lots of fun!