Passion and Patience Spell Success: A Mompreneur Story


Building a brand takes patience. When Kim Dy and her husband Vincent started VPharma, their products received lukewarm reception from the market. Not only was their brand new, it was also competing with global brands with big budgets. Kim says, "At first it was a challenge because our brand was just out in the market and nobody knew about it. We had customers before hesitating to try our product just because it was new."

The couple welcomed the challenge. As newlyweds, they pursued a business of their own right away. Kim says, "My husband and I decided to pursue his passion in the health and wellness industry. He always had an interest in medicines, supplements, and other healthy alternatives. He finds joy browsing through products and medicines in pharmacies."

Thus was VPharma born.


VPharma seeks to provide each member of the family with naturally sourced solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Its flagship product is Mega-Malunggay, which contains 500 mg of pure malunggay leaves and 100 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C. The malunggay comes from a farm free of insectides and pesticides. Vitamin C was added for the body's faster absorption of nutrients. Mega-Malunggay has become quite popular in the market in recent months.


VPharma has since launched two other products: Naturali Premium Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and Naturali Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Soap. Because heat was not involved in the processing of these products, they retain the nutrients found in coconut oil. VCO has lauric acid which has antibacterial properties. It's good to note that lauric acid may also be found in breast milk.

The oil may be used for swishing and cooking. It may also be used for lactation massages. The soap is best for babies and for those with sensitive skin.

The beginning was difficult.

Kim recalls, “We started with zero background in the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry. It was a challenge because it would mean a lot of research and work when you are going to build your brand from scratch. Distribution was also a challenge because we did not have the same network as a fully established pharmaceutical company.”

But the couple persisted. With the help and support of families, friends, and mompreneurs, they were able to build their brand and distribution slowly. What's more, they were presented with numerous opportunities to encourage and empowering families to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are currently looking for more products to add to their range, so that they may provide even more options for the Filipino family.

While running a business means a 24/7 juggle of multiple tasks for Kim, it has also brought forth some unexpected benefits. She explains, "What I like most about being a mompreneur is being able to constantly meet a lot of moms whom I can relate to and being able to meet all moms of different age groups and parenting stages. I got to learn a lot from their advice which we don’t normally learn inside classrooms."

Her advice to aspiring mompreneurs: "Find your passion and be patient. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Learn to delegate and seek help and support from your family and other mompreneurs."