Passionista: Cai Sio


Motherhood and mompreneurship are roles where passion can play a big role. This is Mommy Mundo's 3-part series is part of Electrolux's Wear Your Passion campaign where we feature successful passion-driven women who continue to inspire others. --

Cai Sio is a quiet, unassuming woman but when you get to know her more, you are charmed by the combination of her deep inner strength and natural sense of humor. Cai's story as a mompreneur is a fascinating one. When she left corporate to go full time into her business Paper Chic studio together with her husband, her journey is proof that passion can really drive one to success.

Besides being a hands-on mom to her two children, she was able to build a loyal following for her online store, Paper Chic Studio. She is one of the purveyors of the DIY-party trend and washi-tape crafting in the country, inspired many moms to add pretty-ness to their kids' birthday parties.

Washi tape fever. Photo from the Paper Chic Studio FB page

Pretty printed paper cups. Photo from the Paper Chic Studio FB page

Bakers' twine.Photo from the Paper Chic Studio FB page

Printed paper plates and cups, bakers' twine, washi tapes and wrapping paper books collections of Paper Chic Studio has got everyone addicted and this is fed by all the craft-related products she continues to introduce to her customers. Though their line of business is becoming more competitive, Cai and her husband are passionate and dedicated to their kids as well as their business, and always try to think a step ahead and innovate their product offerings.

Cai at the Paper Chic booth, during last year's Expo Mom

In 2013 she also started facilitating crafts workshops for kids during events and hopes to do more of these this year as she enthusiastically faces another crafty and creative year as a mompreneur.

How did you start Paper Chic? Was it a business that stemmed from your passion for paper/ diy/crafts?

I started Paper Chic Studio because of my daughter. I was planning her birthday and I was inspired by the DIY party I saw in Pinterest but couldn't source anything like it here in Manila so I DIYed the little details for my daughter's birthday with the help of my husband. We like anything that's pretty and paper :)

How did you discover this passion of yours?

I've always liked crafting but I haven't done anything after I started working in corporate. The passion was reignited when I was planning my daughter's party, seeing all those cute and chic party details made me want to DIY her party. And it helps that my husband is also crafty!

Cai and daughter Yukie from where they stand:) Photo from Cai's instagram

Besides running your business, what do you do to hone or feed this passion?

I always look for inspiration. My first love was photography and it is how I met my husband. Every now and then or when we have the time, we go back to our first love even it's just taking product photos and styling our own photo shoot at home.

Through your business, you are also promoting the art of crafting, Diy, etc. What do you think are the benefits of sharing your passion, of self expression and extending yourself in relation to it to your followers? I think some people are afraid of crafting and think that it's hard or they're not crafty enough. By sharing my passion, I'm infecting others with my passion. I'm also promoting creativity, practicality and being aware of our environment.

The "Wear Your Passion" campaign of Electrolux relates the concept of fashionably living out your passions. In relation to this, do you have any comments/tips or advice for people who are trying to live out their passions the way you are?

Don't be afraid to get creative and explore every possibility. Small or big celebration, it never hurts to prettify or DIY something even the littlest details.

Cai's usually headless OOTD shots :) show her usually comfy but stylish style. Photo from Cai's instagram

Pretty Cai (right) and fellow SoMom, Jackie Go and son

Cai blogs at Mompreneur owner of Paper Chic Studio

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