Passionista: Christine Dychiao

christine3.jpg In our continuing series on successful passion-driven women as part of Electrolux’s Wear Your Passion campaign, Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva meets up with the woman behind Manila Fashion Observer. One of the country’s most popular blogs, Manila Fashion Observer chronicles Tin Dychiao’s never-ending obsession with fashion.

Tin eats and breathes fashion. We met up for an activity once, and when I approached her, she correctly guessed where I bought my outfit. When you read her blog, you know she has her ears on the ground for the latest fashion news and trends, and she generously and enthusiastically shares her scoops like someone who just found a treasure chest at the end of a rainbow. I was curious to find out more about Tin and how she feeds her passion for fashion. I’m not only hoping to learn something new about MFO, but also to pick up a tip or two about how she maintains her positive energy and spirit towards something she really loves.

How did you discover your passion for fashion? It was something I have always been drawn to ever since I was a kid, as early as when I was in grade school. I have always appreciated people who dressed well, and I've made it my mission then to know the latest trends and where to get them.

What do you do to continuously hone or feed this passion?

When I was younger and I had all the time, I poured over Teen Vogue, Vogue, W, and WWD like it was my business. I would spend hours on and went through all the pieces at way before I could afford any of it. But now that my time is limited, it's funny how my mind has been programmed to zone in on the latest fashion/shopping news even if I am not researching on it. I still somehow find myself with breaking news, like I'd read about it randomly online, see it on my Instagram feed, or a friend, usually my in-the-know friends Sarj and Naomi, would tell me about it, which would lead me to then look more into it. Oh! It also helps that now, brands and entrepreneurs give me the scoop about their product and brand launches, and store openings.

Besides your blog, are there other ways and opportunities where you are able to express your passion?

Yes! I was a New York correspondent/columnist for On The Radar, which used to be a part of the lifestyle section on The Philippine Star. I shared the goings on and the hottest happenings in New York. I also contribute fashion and lifestyle stories to magazines both here and in the Southeast Asian region. Through my blog, I have worked with brands and stores I love, like Yosi Samra, Tory Burch, MUJI, and SM Fashion Forum whether it be promoting products, curating my finds, or styling looks from a collection.

I know that you have a passion for sharing your finds and discoveries. What do you think are the benefits of sharing, of self-expression, and extending yourself to your followers and community?

I have always enjoyed sharing my wants and discoveries, I think it's good karma. I mean if I didn't share my finds in the blog years ago, then the blog wouldn't be what it is now, a great shopping resource for like-minded girls. I actually find it cute when I see women dressed like me or wearing something that is very "me," and I would know because my taste is not conventionally Pinoy. If I can influence the way Pinays dress, make us lean towards the classics, to invest in quality, to be more discerning when it comes to fit and construction, then I consider my job done. Somehow I think I am successful because I've been an advocate of ballerina flats, Breton shirts, boyfriend jeans, and Isabel Marant from years and years ago, and I've written about these in my blog since 2006, and now many Pinays have these in their closet or are aware of them at least.

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