#Pedtalk: Let's Protect Our Family Together, Get Vaccinated

It’s alarming to hear that Polio is back in the Philippines after it had been eradicated from our country for nearly two decades. Not only that, but the government also announced a national dengue epidemic and a measles outbreak. According to Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvaña, there are also reports of chickenpox, mumps, and pertussis in the country. Measles is the most communicable and is a clear indication that the vaccination rate in the country is decreasing.


The #PedTalk Health Discussion event organized by Mommy Mundo was a timely gathering of moms and dads who support vaccination and who also want to learn more about the topic. Myths were busted by our reputable doctor speakers, Dr. Miggy Villanueva and Dr. Abby Chiong-Rivera who both presented facts and complete information about how vaccination could help protect not only their children but many communities from preventable diseases.


Viruses are mutating and making its way through the country. Without equipping our family and ourselves with effective ways to combat these preventable diseases, we are posing more risk to everyone around us. The question is, how could we protect our loved ones from the deadly or permanently disabling diseases? The simple answer is to VACCINATE.

Did you know that vaccinated individuals can protect others who have low immune systems or are high-risk like elderly etc? This is called Herd Immunity. It is also known as community immunity. This happens when a large number of a population in the community is immune to a specific disease. If a sufficient number of people (herd) are immune, the infection will no longer circulate.

As advocates, we need to promote herd immunity and vaccination is the answer in eradicating communicable and deadly diseases that are now on the rise again in the Philippines. The more people who get vaccinated, the safer our community could be.

Here are some helpful tips shared by Dr. Miggy and Dr. Abby:

  1. Be informed. Get the facts about vaccination and how it can protect the family straight from your doctors and not just the news or what’s trending online.

  2. Herd Immunity. It works. Having a vaccinated country could help save many lives.

  3. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines can keep our kids away from getting and spreading diseases because it provides anti-bodies before they get sick. Vaccines can definitely save lives.

  4. Update your vaccinations. With the alarming appearance of Polio and other diseases again in the country, you may have booster shots for you and your kids. There is no overdose in vaccinations. Just make sure to talk to your doctor or pediatricians.

  5. Adults need vaccines too. Each year, adults can get their Flu vaccines. We also need DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertusis) shots as adults. Consult your family doctor for these vaccines.

After the talk plus Q&A with the audience, Teacher Jeannie Castillo of Kindermusik Philippines, had a short program for kids where she talked and demonstrated the power of music and movement for early brain development.

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Here are some of the moms and dads in the Mommy Mundo community who went out and supported the advocacy for Vaccination.

Vaccines work, and vaccines save lives. We need to work together to spread the word and get everyone on-board to vaccinate so we can fight against diseases such as polio, measles, diphtheria, influenza, and more.

Let us make this world a safer place for our kids. Let’s be #ProtectedTogether and share the value of vaccination. Be an advocate! Let’s spread the awareness. Add this advocacy badge by going to https://www.isupportcause.com/campaign/pamilyangbakunado and encourage others to join this movement!