Pillow Love


Choosing the right pillow for a child may seem to be the least of a parent-to-be’s concern at first. However, when the baby has arrived, one may experience an onslaught of realizations that even the littlest things matter when it comes to the comfort, safety, and health of our most precious treasure. A pillow may be a small thing, but even for adults, it spells the difference between a good, restful sleep and a restless, sleepless time. Pillows secure babies in the cot, giving them a sense of being enclosed. Firm, compact bolster-like pillows are usually okay, as opposed to squishy ones that are too soft or light that one kick can send them out of place. The wrong pillow can even cover their face or mouth and endanger their breathing. For babies who are already trying out their limbs, grasping and pulling things, going pillow-less for the moment may be a better option.


On the other hand, bigger babies beyond a year old and toddlers have more control over their bodies and may begin appreciating the comforts of a good pillow all their own. Pretty much like a blankie, a pillow can provide a sense of security and warmth, imitating the firmness of a parent’s arm as they hug it in sleep or a parent’s length as they snuggle into it. Sometimes, a child may kick in their sleep or reach out drowsily, checking to see if Mom or Dad is around. A pillow tucked in with them settles and comforts, giving the feeling that they are not alone.

The new Snug-a-hug Elfin is specially designed for kids even up to 5 to 6 years of age. In the signature Snug-a-hug C-shape, the Elfin is shorter and a lot fatter, being firmed up with more fiberfill. Parents with toddlers who end up travelling the whole bed in their sleep will find that it helps contain the child and keep them from falling off. Due to its stable shape, construction, and firmness, the Elfin stays put more than the ordinary pillow and doesn't roll away, fly out on the first kick or get tangled up in sheets and little limbs. It also emulates a person sleeping next to them and can be useful in easing separation anxieties when getting them used to sleeping on their own bed. The extra stuffing also makes a good armful that kids love in something to hug.

What’s more, now that the kids can have an Elfin of their own, Moms can reclaim their adult-sized Snug-a-hugs for their own comfort! Check out https://www.facebook.com/SnugAHug to score one or more of the limited Snug-a-hug Elfin pillows for your kids. Made of the same quality, hypoallergenic materials, the Elfin comes with a pillowcase and is ready for instant hugs!