Pinky Spinky


spinkie1 Hug toys, binkies, and blankies are more than just inanimate objects in a child’s world. They are companion, cohort, minion, and magical best friend that are as real as can be! They are an infinite source of security, second only to Mom and Dad.

Although my kids did not have a binkie like their cousins when they were babies, we co-sleep. And so throughout infancy and toddlerhood, I’ve been their huggie. Since they started gaining sleep independence, however, they’ve adopted their respective “guardians” to cuddle with at night and to keep them company in their dreams. So far, Oona has Huggabear and Bunny, Olly has Fluffy Puppy Pink Puppy (you have to say her complete name all the time!), but Eva still has to pick her own. Earlier, I was able to score a Spinkie Bitbit the Rabbit. At first, she would just bite the nose and toss it around. It’s very soft, cuddly, and truly all-weather as it’s been dragged out, wet with various liquids and spent much face time with the floor. But after a nice bath and hung to dry, Pinky Spinky’s ready to go on another adventure with her.

Made of non-allergenic polar fleece, this plushie is a perfectly huggable 10-inch size, is great for playtime and snuggles, and is totally safe for gummers and teethers. Handmade in the Philippines, lovable Bitbit comes in many colors that are sure to capture the heart of any little girl or boy from age 3 months and above. Available at, don’t miss your chance to actually pick your baby’s best friend for life!—Laya