Plush Art

ants-1.jpg It’s really up to us parents to foster a love of learning in our kids and help their enthusiasm and curiosity blossom. Strew their environment with color and texture, incorporate them into practical everyday things, and naturally stimulate their senses without bombarding their developing mind. Since your children would be growing up surrounded by interesting things, it won’t be too far along to expect them to be more engaged and attentive to their surroundings.

Plushies, especially colorful ones cut in different shapes, letters, and numbers, are a typical favorite. Kids love the soft, cuddly feel of a huggable toy. It gives them a sense of warmth and security, and responds to their need for tactile stimulation. Even as adults, we can’t resist the urge to touch something that even looks remotely soft and squishy! Color engages our eyes and lively hues have the power to brighten up even the dreariest days.

Ant’s Pocket has a team of crafters and designers with a common love of plush art. Ant’s Pocket stands for Alphabet, Numbers, Toys, and Scrapbooking while Pocket means anything “butingting” that can be found in the store as a result of creativity, love, and a passion for the arts. Made of totally eco-friendly materials, every animal, alphabet, and number plushy is handcrafted and custom-made as an educational aid or accessory for bags, pouches, bag tags, bookmarks, clip holders, brooches, magnets, key chains, door hanger, mobiles, name banners, bunting, and many more. They can even supply these lovable things as giveaways for parties (for kids and the kid at heart), your holiday gifts, for scrapbook needs, or your very own personal use.

Feel free to contact them through or 0932-882- 2109. Their timetable and price range depends on the quantity and your chosen design, but rest assured, each piece is quality made with a lot of love!

Photos from Ant's Pocket