Pregnancy Apps for Tech-savvy Moms


Nowadays, tech-savvy moms have the benefit of keeping track of their pregnancy through various smart phone applications. There are quite a few out there so finding the right one for you may take awhile. To give you an idea of what's a good download, we've rounded up some useful ones. #1 I'm Expecting First-time mom Ria Garcellano used this app while pregnant with now seven-month-old Issa. "I love how it alerts you on how far along you are and at what point of development your baby is in. It uses fruits and vegetables as comparison to the size of the baby," she says. Loaded with pregnancy-related videos, articles, and tips, the app helps you monitor pregnancy symptoms, baby kicks, and fetal movement. It can also serve as your personal assistant as it keeps important information to share with your doctor and reminds you of upcoming medical appointments and scheduled tests. Moreover, it monitors your prenatal body, alerting you to proper health and weight management through the different stages of your pregnancy.

The app community's forum is one of the most interesting and active online. You can find answers, compare experiences, search baby names, and go through recommended baby products too. Free for Android and iPhone

#2 BabyBump It's a countdown like no other. More than giving you the number of days left before your blessed bundle arrives, BabyBump also shows you what your baby looks like at the time through diagrams and illustrations, and shares with you the symptoms you may be feeling. Plus, you can share photos of your growing bump to fellow app users through its community message boards. Check out the different topics being discussed too as they would help in making your pregnancy a joyful one! Free for Android and iPhone

#3 What To Expect When You're Expecting Infanticipating moms on the prowl for useful information will find this app very helpful. Ana Balingit spent a lot of time on this app as it answered all her questions about this interesting stage. From the popular pregnancy brand, “What To Expect When You're Expecting,” this app virtually holds your hand through the entire term with its day-by-day and week-by-week updates and alerts. Using your due date, you'll get personalized information, access to pregnancy videos, the latest parenting news, and be part of a community of other parents and parents-to-be with the best tools, forums, and support. It’s also designed to help you understand your changing body as your baby develops through every stage.

She says, "Also, you can take a picture of your bump every week and save it there." Free for Android and iPhone

#4 Contraction Timer Ana also used this app to keep track of her contractions with the twins. She says, "It's super simple, no frills, and very useful!"

With an easy-to-use interface, Contraction Timer helps you time the duration and frequency of your contractions. You can edit any entry, add comments, and make a contractions graph.

It’s a free download for iPhones and Android. If you pay for the Contraction Timer Donate, however, you will enjoy more features like sharing your times in a spreadsheet through email or beaming your times to another device. Free for Android and iPhone

#5 Sprout Sprout is definitely one cool app as it gives a full-screen, 3-D interactive lesson of how the fetus, its organs, limbs, and facial features develop from week to week. For every slide, you'll get a couple of pop ups loaded with useful factoids.

Sprout also has a number of monitoring tools including a weight tracker, a baby kick counter, and a contraction timer. It can also serve as your personal assistant as it keeps track of appointments and gives you a week-by-week explanation of symptoms as well as a checklist of baby must-haves. Free for iPhone

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