Pregnancy and Beyond Event 2018: Learn, Plan, Prepare at The Makati Medical Center

For first-time parents, it might feel like you’ve been pregnant forever. But rest assured, you will meet your beautiful baby soon enough! In the meantime, take advantage of the next few weeks of quiet to prepare for your little one.

Learning as much as you can about labor and birth will help you manage your expectations and preferences. Last March 24, 2018, over 200 moms and dads-to-be did just that at the Pregnancy and Beyond Event held at the Makati Medical Center. Attendees learned, planned, and prepared with the help of expert speakers.

Noelle Polack spoke about a less stressful labor through proper relaxation techniques. She gave tips on helping mom calm down, especially when the big contractions are happening.

Dr. Carla Espina-Castro guided parents through preparing for the big day. She encouraged parents to prepare your hospital and baby bag ahead of time. Moms were also advised to consult their doctor on everything they need to prepare before giving birth.

Dr. Joseph Cordero stressed the important role dads play during birth. He shared 10 ways on being the perfect birthing partner. Birthing is beautiful but never easy and requires a full-on partnership. Dads might feel it’s the wife that does most of the work, but Dr. Cordero emphasized that dad’s real job starts the minute his son or daughter is born.

Moms and Dads learned straight from the experts. They went home feeling more confident about the challenges ahead!

The doctors at Makati Medical Center understand the twists and turns every pregnancy can take. No one can predict how exactly birthing will go, and so they aim to make parents more knowledgeable through a series of talks scheduled throughout the year.

For more information about the upcoming schedules, contact (02) 8888999 local 3757.