Pregnancy's First Trimester: What You Should Know


The first trimester of your pregnancy will always be a bit of a challenge. Not only is your body adjusting to the rhythms of pregnancy, you're also excited, and maybe a bit worried, about the thought of a new baby. Some moms breeze through their first trimester with not a fear in sight; others experience all sorts of aches and pains. Here are some things that you may want to keep in mind during your first trimester.

#1 The first trimester of your pregnancy is going to be exciting

The first trimester will bring forth various changes in your body which are truly amazing. Jill Iris Marcelo-Ramos, mom of one, says, “The first trimester was exciting for me, especially since we've been waiting and praying for a child."

Terrie Fucanan-Yu, mom of one, recalls, "I had a very sensitive first trimester because of my subchorionic hemorrhage, so the doctor ordered a three-week bed rest. Ultrasound checks were done weekly to closely monitor the baby's condition.  The doctor was extra careful especially since I also lost my first pregnancy to bleeding. I was practically on house arrest, dealing with the anxieties and fears of an uncertain outcome."

Glaiza Garcia, who is expecting her second child, says the first trimester of her first pregnancy was a breeze. She says, “I did not experience any strong symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, etc. I was very active during my first pregnancy since I was still holding an office job. This round and working from home full-time, I was at my laziest."

Evelyn Misola-Malit, mom of two, encountered a number of challenges on both of her pregnancies; most notably, she had a low lying placenta on her first one. But, Evelyn says, "I managed! Yipee!"

#2 Be prepared for morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most telling signs of pregnancy, and both Terrie and Glaiza found themselves feeling nauseated or vomiting during their first trimester. Evelyn, however, wouldn't exactly say that it was morning sickness which she went through. She says, "I didn't experience that. Surprisingly, I became a morning person. I woke up early, got up early, and my energy was at its peak in the morning. It was afternoon sickness that I experienced maybe because my energy level was dipping."

#3 You may find yourself craving some types of food, and avoiding others

"For someone who loves to eat fish, I still can't believe that I couldn't stand the smell of fish during the early months of my being pregnant, says Terrie.  "I also loathed the smell of anything fried." 

Jill didn't like the smell of fried oil, too.  She adds, "At the grocery, I avoided the wet section because I couldn't stand the smell of raw meat!"

Evelyn couldn't understand why she suddenly loved the spaghetti of a particular fast food chain when she never had it before she got pregnant. She also took a liking to lugaw. She says, "You can feed me lugaw all day."

#4 You may have all sorts of worries and fears in mind

Evelyn became a worrywart while she was pregnant. "Since I had a high risk pregnancy, I was very cautious. I was worried about having a miscarriage. I was also worried about my baby: Is she healthy? Is she normal?"

Jill's biggest fear was that her baby's heart would stop beating. It took her six years to get pregnant so she says, “More than anything, I wanted to reach full-term pregnancy. Six years was a long and arduous wait, so her survival during the pregnancy was our topmost priority.”

Terrie chimes in. "My primary fear was if the baby will be able to pull through the first trimester.  Second was if we were blessed with a child, will I be able to give my 110 percent as a mom? Will I be able to raise her well and provide for all her needs?"

Pregnancy is a life-affirming experience

But whether your first trimester is easy breezy or filled with worries, there's one thing that these moms agree on: Pregnancy is an incredibly life-affirming experience.

Evelyn says, “The best thing about being pregnant is that you will learn to be extremely responsible, not only for yourself but for your unborn baby. You will learn how to control your self, the way you never did before, just for the welfare of you and your baby. What I love about being pregnant is that after nine months, you will hear your baby cry for the first time and it is priceless. A big bonus is that you will realize and experience how supportive, patient, and loving your husband is!”

"What I like most about being pregnant is the kindness and courtesy everyone gives you, including strangers," says Glaiza.

"Being pregnant taught me a lot of things from being more practical with spending and eating healthy to learning how to do stuff without seeing much of your legs and feet! I also love that, given all the physiological changes and challenges that your body is going through during pregnancy, people around you become more considerate and offer their helping hand. Pregnancy is the first step towards parenting and the wonderful gift of motherhood, so I made it a point to cherish every moment of the experience, especially the early bond that I have nurtured with my baby.”