Pregnant Pause Gives Would-be Parents a Confidence Boost


<href="" title="PP10 IG">PP10 IG Moms- and dads-to-be spent their Saturday afternoon in a most enlightening way at Pregnant Pause 10. Pocket talks for expectant parents, Pregnant Pause introduces would-be moms and dads to the wonderful world of pregnancy and parenting. With the help of expert resource persons, expectant parents are not only given practical advice on common pregnancy and baby care issues, they are also given a boost of confidence to tackle their parenting journey.

Denise Gonzales Bernardo, one of the founders of IndigoBaby, played host to dozens of expectant couples at the F1 Hotel in BGC, Taguig City. An advocate of attachment parenting, she went on to discuss its various elements, including bonding, babywearing, balance, and breastfeeding.

She says, “Breastmilk is best for baby, period. It's awesome for baby, mommy, family, and the nation. Let the magic milk flow.”

“Babywearing rocks! Babies need touch to thrive. Happier babies equals happier parents equals a happier nation," Denise adds.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-161">MMPregnantPause-161 Lexi Payumo of Urban Ashram Manila

Lexi Payumo of Urban Ashram Manila, encouraged the infanticipating moms to give yoga a try as it will not only help them during childbirth, it will also ease all their anxieties about taking care of their babies. She says, “Yoga allows you to be focused on caring for the baby and centering yourself.”

<href="" title="2015-06-20 15.15.35">2015-06-20 15.15.35 Denise and Lexi demonstrate a move.

<href="" title="2015-06-20 15.16.47">2015-06-20 15.16.47 A couple doing some yoga moves.

<href="" title="2015-06-20 15.09.00">2015-06-20 15.09.00 Everybody joined in.

Lexi then got all the participants up on their feet, and gave a demonstration on easy-to-execute yoga moves for both mommies and daddies-to-be. It was a good way of introducing couples to the concept of teamwork, something which they'd have to work on when baby arrives.

<href="" title="2015-06-20 15.33.18">2015-06-20 15.33.18 Photographer Louie on stage.

Next up: Photographer Louie Arcilla who shared some of his trade secrets in creating beautiful photographs at home. This is something that the would-be parents anticipated as they cannot wait to take photographs of their bundles of joy.

Loiue introduced the participants to the concept of good lighting and great timing. He says, “Follow the light. When you take photos, look first where the best light is. When I shoot, I use natural light: doorways, outdoor, etc.”

Louie also encouraged them to keep the background clean. He adds that the background can show the context of the picture, helping it to tell the story.

<href="" title="2015-06-20 16.15.55">2015-06-20 16.15.55 An enlightening talk by Dr. Jimenez

The would-be parents were also given pointers on how to make use of sensory stimulation to promote optimum development by Dr. Maria Therese Hilario Jimenez. Stimulating baby's sense of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing will help in making him a happy and healthy one. Massage, for example, not only improves a baby's circulation, it also promotes a lasting bond between the little one and his parents.

Apart from these talks, parents were also shown how to give baby a proper bath by experts from Johnson & Johnson. They were also showered with gifts from the various event sponsors including Cordlife Philippines, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, Johnson's Baby, Philips Avent, Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies, Mommy Treats, Bio-Oil Philippines, Nurture Nook, Mommy Matter, Babymama, Baby Lab Enterprises, Urban Ashram Manila, and IndigoBaby. Indeed, all the expectant moms went home with a bag of goodies.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-87">MMPregnantPause-87 Denise asking a mom about her pregnancy experience.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-14">MMPregnantPause-14 Moms and dads got bathing tips from Johnson's Baby.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-90">MMPregnantPause-90 Moms were also able to do a bit of shopping at Nurture Nook's corner.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-49">MMPregnantPause-49 Top picks from Pigeon

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-47">MMPregnantPause-47 Expectant parents were able to learn more about screening tests from Hi Precision Diagnostics.

<href="" title="MMPregnantPause-46">MMPregnantPause-46 Must-haves for moms-to-be from IndigoBaby

<href="" title="2015-06-20 15.24.24">2015-06-20 15.24.24 A mom wins a prize!

<href="" title="2015-06-20 13.20.51">2015-06-20 13.20.51 They took home copies of Urban Mom too.

<href="" title="2015-06-20 16.13.48">2015-06-20 16.13.48 The participants of Pregnant Pause 10