Protecting Kids During Rainy Days

Rainy season has officially begun! When it starts to rain, moms can’t help worry about their kids’ health and safety. We do what we can to protect the little ones from getting sick or getting into a slippery accident. Prevention is always better than cure and as mindful moms, there are things we could do to protect our kids during the rainy season.

Why do they need protection? Rainy season brings many unwanted effects not only to our children but to us as well. Common colds is as common as it gets that could unfortunately lead to having flu if we’re not careful. Rainy days could also cause accidents due to some slipping here and there if we’re not careful.

We’ve round up some tips to help you protect your children during the rainy season.

  • Load up on Vitamin C for added immunity. Prevention is always better than cure. While it’s best to prepare healthy food for the family, let’s face it, our kids don’t always eat all the veggies and fruits we feed them. We can supplement by giving them the right vitamin C for their age and as prescribed by their pediatrician.

  • Prepare healthy meals at home. Nutritionists say kids and adults should eat five colors of food a day - referring to fruits and vegetables. These colors are Yellow and Orange, Green, Blue and Purple, Red, White and Brown. A mix of these colors produce its own set of unique disease fighting chemicals called phytochemicals, according to Nutrition Austrialia. To make it less complicated, make sure you follow the Go, Grow, and Glow food chart and also refer to Pinggang Pinoy where it shows that the right mix of food is one part grains (rice/bread/pasta), one part of protein (meats), and two parts of fruits and vegetables. The right and healthy food every day will add immunity to sickness especially on rainy days.

  • Pack nutritious baon for recess and lunch. Even when the kids are away from us when they go to school, we can still take care of their well-being by preparing them a healthy snack and lunch, as if they’re just at home. While it’s convenient to give them lunch money, we' can never be too sure about what or how canteen food is prepared.

  • Use quality footwear with rubber soles or non-slip material. Accidents happen when the floor is wet because of rain. Make sure to invest in a safe and anti-slip footwear for kids to avoid slipping which causes injuries. Gently remind kids to just walk slowly when the floor is wet.

  • Pack a water-resistant hooded jacket or raincoat and umbrella in your child’s bag. Choose a good fabric instead of those made in plastics which could cause skin irritation. The water-resistant fabrics are comfortable and keep your child warm during chilly weathers. A small umbrella in your child’s school bag would keep him/her dry and protected from the rain.

  • Update your child’s flu vaccination. Regular check ups to your child’s pediatrician is recommended. Only your child’s doctor could advise the right vaccination needed during flu season.

  • Keep your child hydrated. One of the best ways to boost immunity and avoid dehydration is to make your kids drink plenty of water every day. According to DepEd’s Wellness Campus article, kids are recommended to drink minimum of 6 glasses of water or nutritious drink a day. So always load your kids up with water to prevent getting sick.

We hope that these tips help protect your children from common sickness and minor accidents that the rainy days bring. Stay safe!