Pursuing Our Passions Wisely with Security Bank


Saving for a rainy day is just not enough these days. Parents need to make wise decisions for the future of their families. They need to be smart about everything, from the homes they choose to reside in and the careers and businesses they decide to pursue to the way they handle their finances. At a luncheon hosted by Security Bank, moms not only learned how to make their hard-earned money grow, they also gained insights on pursuing passions and interests without putting their family's future at risk.

Money experts will tell you that investing is the way to go. But how can families invest their money wisely?


Moms eager to learn about growing their money


Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva learning about investing

[embed]https://www.flickr.com/photos/juicevillanueva/29284751554[/embed] Martin Belgado, Security Bank Asset Management Group Head, discussed how UITFs work and how instruments like this can help in a family's long term goals.

Step #1: Be empowered with the right information.

One of the things that the experts at Security Bank talked about is the Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF). It's an easy and convenient way for the average Filipino to invest in financial markets.

A UITF pools together funds from different investors. This pooled fund is then managed by investment professionals of the institution. In this case, Security Bank's seasoned professional fund managers will select from various investment outlets with the goal of making the fund grow. This benefits its investors with attractive returns. Investment outlets include bank deposits, government and corporate bonds, and equities.


Step#2: Choose the right partner

It is important to choose the right partners and institutions with a solid track record. Ninotchka Sulit, Security Bank Trust Division Vice President, shares that their Trust Division (SBC Trust) has been operating since 1951 and has managed more than P55 billion worth of funds both from institutional and retail entities.


To put things in perspective, it was a treat to all present to listen stories on pursuing passions. Parents are  responsible for the lives and future of their children, so they need to make informed choices as they pursue their goals and dreams.



Christine Dychiao, mom of three and mompreneur behind the blog Manilafashionobserver.com and Chicify.com, talked about her new mantra of living more intentionally. This includes being more mindful about what one purchases, how one shops, and how one fixes his home.


Monica Manzano, mom of two and mompreneur behind FLOW, shared her dream of living in Palawan. She and her husband threw caution to the wind only to realize that they need to make more conscious decisions now that they are responsible for two children.


Monica, a wellness advocate and yogi, shared her vision for her family and how she "manifests" it to make it a reality.


It is always inspiring to learn how women pursue their passions by being intentional, intelligent, and empowered.

Human Switch Kit


The event wrapped up with Security Bank AVP Kunng Lagula sharing the good news about the bank's Human Switch Kit program.  With the objective of extending better customer service, the program gives clients ease and flexibility when opening any type of account.  Through this service, a dedicated Security Bank associate may visit one's home or office, bringing all the required materials with him.

With the hectic lives moms lead, exacerbated by the traffic situation, this is a welcome service. An added benefit is that this makes opening accounts for children much easier as well.


A unique, customer-centered innovation from the dynamic team of Security Bank

For more information, go to Security Bank.

Log on to www.securitybank.com.ph/switch-kit, select a preferred branch, and expect a call from their sales associate for this Human Switch Kit service.

To know more about the Security Bank UITFs, log on to www.securitybank.com/uitf.