Ready or Not, The Zentennials Are Here!


Does your preschooler naturally take to electronic gadgets and devices without fear or apprehension? Can your tween navigate programs and apps like an expert? Is your teen seriously considering a professional career as a YouTuber? It's a brave new world out there – the world of the Zentennials. Born in 2000 or later, these digital natives are unlike any generation we've ever seen before.

Zentennials take to technology naturally, making use of its many benefits more efficiently than the Millennials. Because they're used to the fast pace of everything, they are savvy multi-taskers. They can work at several programs at a time while chatting with a friend and posting on Instagram.

And because they're used to the fast lane, they want things to happen now, today, right at this very minute! They want to start their vlog, open up an online business, and be updated on what everyone else is doing besides.

To say that their Gen X and Millennial elders are out of their depth is an underestimation. And it is with this insight that Our Awesome Planet (OAP), the country's premiere lifestyle blog, and Mommy Mundo (MM), the country’s most active parenting resource and community, have teamed up for Zentennials: The Making of the Greatest Filipino Generation happening on September 9, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Taguig.

The very first conference of its kind, Raising Gen Z: The Making of the Greatest Filipino Generation will gather the country's top experts, advocates, and influencers from the digital, academe, business, and parenting spheres.

It would not only attempt to gain a deeper understanding of this exciting generation, the conference also hopes to harness its full potential. By providing these digital natives, and their parents, with the proper technology, knowledge, and skills, the conference hopes to develop them into successful content producers. In the process, Raising Gen Z: The Making of the Greatest Filipino Generation hopes to transform the Philippines into the world's leading digital content producers.

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