Real Moms Speak: What We Really, Really Want for Mother's Day!


We asked moms to tell us what they really want to receive as presents on Mother's Day. And no, they're not too excited about flowers, although those would be appreciated too! ID-100110651 World peace! A spa package would also be nice! Cindy Solano Medina, mom of two

I just want to feel loved, appreciated, and pampered on Mother's Day. I want to hear it, see it, experience it enough to fuel me again for another year, until the next Mother's Day. Ruth dela Rama Dizon, mom of two

A trip somewhere cool because it's so hot! Baguio! Myra Salvosa, mom of two

ID-100169769 A vacation from cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry would really be nice! Enid Carreon Viana, mom of three

I want a relaxing day with a foot massage and hair treatment. I also want to eat at a buffet without getting fat. Cleone Baradas, mom of two

What I want for Mother's Day is simple, to be with my nanay. Since I became a mother nine years ago, I no longer celebrate Mother's Day with my nanay. I miss my nanay so much! Krissell Ragaza, mom of one

ID-100237160 Most of the time, the best is a day in bed in a hotel. Rest, eat, read, no real obligations, errands, chores, or schedule. No need to follow the time or look at the clock. What a treat! Meg Isleta, mom of two

Just to see my children successful and happy in their chosen careers and have Godly partners in the future is the best Mother's Day gift for me. Jesusa Victoria H. Bautista, mom of six

ID-10078527 Because I'm an OFW mom, I want to spend the day with my three kids some place outside of Metro Manila with limited Wi-Fi connection, where we can explore, hang out, and do fun activities together. Carrie Besana, mom of three

Year on year, my kids and my husband would ask what exactly do I want as a gift for Mother's Day. My usual answer is anything. And year after year, I would still get a present; as simple as a handmade card would make my heart bounce. My husband, on the other hand, would cook a special lunch or dinner for the entire family to feast with matching flowers, of course! This year, I got the same question again but this time I know exactly what I want: anything shabby chic that will add up to my collectibles; as simple as a mason jar would do, a chalkboard paint perhaps, or a distressed dining table. My husband already gave me as early as now a newly painted white table which I am using now as my office desk at home. An early Mother's Day treat for me! Majivel Maullon, mom of three

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