#RealMomReview: Ecomom UV Sterilizer


As moms, we want only the best for our families. Apart from doing our own research, getting feedback from our fellow moms about particular products and services will help us make mindful decisions on purchases. In this new series, Mommy Mundo asks real moms to share their experience of a particular product or service to give you useful consumer insights. Our first #RealMomReview comes from Chessy Alejandro, mom of two and publisher of the blog, Chessy. She shares her experience of the Ecomom Multipurpose UV Sterilizer and Dryer with Anion.

Ecomom features one-time sterilization using UV and anion that kills 99.9 percent bacteria and molds. It is suitable for baby bottles, breast pump parts, and teething beads/toys, among others.

Here is Chessy using the Ecomom UV Sterilizer:


Here is Chessy's feedback:

How did you find out about Ecomom UV Sterilizer?

"I saw a post about it on Instagram."

How long have you been using it?

"I've been using it since April of this year."

What is your experience like using it?

"It's fairly easy to use. My yaya didn't have any difficulties understanding how it worked. Just put in the items that needs sterilizing, press a button, and leave it!"

What do you like most about it?

"I like that it does not use up a lot of electricity. It can also sterilize gadgets, plush toys--most stuff you can't put in the laundry."

Is there any area of your experience using it where you'd like to see an improvement?

"I wish that the racks have more options so you can fit a lot of items without compromising where the UV light touches."

Would you recommend it to your friends?

"Yes! Most sterilizers available are just for bottles. With Ecomom, you can be sure that most of your kids' stuff is clean!"

Ecomom UV Sterilizer

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