#RealMomReview: Hotmilk Activate Sports Flexiwire Nursing Bra


In this new series, Mommy Mundo asks real moms to share their experience of a particular product or service to give you useful consumer insights. This week's #RealMomReview comes from Candice Yaw, mom of two and co-founder of Mommy Matters. She shares her experience of the Hotmilk Activate Sports Flexiwire Nursing Bra. Hotmilk is a leading brand of nursing bras and maternity lingerie, currently sold in over 50 countries. The Hotmilk Activate Sports Flexiwire Nursing Bra is designed with stretch on the top cup, a flexi-wired soft cup bra, a frame support, and easy one handed drop down cups for breastfeeding.

Here is Candice's review:

hotmilk nursing bra

How did you find out about the Hotmilk sports nursing bra?

I came across the Hotmilk brand of nursing bras while surfing the net for nursing bras with my first child. I never bought from them because they didn't carry my bra size. I've heard that they now have a sporting bra from Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo.

What was your experience like using it?

I was going to start exercising again and was on the lookout for a sports bra. I have a very unusual bra size and I always end up buying my bras from specialty bra shops. The last time I checked Hotmilk’s website I seem to recall that they did not carry my size. So I ended up with one with a band bigger but a cup smaller.

Theoretically, this should be good enough but I’ve read a lot of bra fitting articles and have gone to a bra specialist for a bra fitting to know that this doesn’t give a good enough fit. If I recall, majority of the support is supposed to come from the band so if bra’s band is bigger than it should be, then it might not give the same support as a bra with the right band size.

A few weeks later, the bra came in the mail. The bra is gorgeous as you can see in the photo. It is also well made – a very good quality bra. The fabric has a thick cotton spandex usually used in sports bras. The garters on the straps have very strong resistance and the nursing clip used for the drop down cup is not flimsy.

However, the feature that really made me ecstatic was that the back side had four rows of closures. This means that I could use the smallest setting to simulate my band size.

I was very happy upon putting the bra on because it did give very good support. I felt the band holding up my breast and the underwires giving my breast a little lift. Upon looking in the mirror, I was very happy with what I saw. I didn’t have a uniboob look which I sometimes have when I wear equivalent-sized bras (bra with a bigger band but smaller cup).

My boobs were also perky and where they should be. I only get this “look” when I wear my non-nursing bra specialty bras. Even the nursing bra I bought from a bra specialist with underwires didn’t give me this “look.”

How long have you been using it?

I used it twice. The first time was for a circuit-like strength training exercise for 20 minutes. I am happy to report that it supported the girls very well, even when I was doing push ups and moving up and down. The second time I used it was for a 30-minute run on the treadmill. My girls didn't bounce and I didn't feel discomfort which I often feel if the bra isn't supporting well.

What do you like most about it?

I love this bra! It looks pretty. It is well made and it performed well in my exercises. If I was still in my early days of breastfeeding, I would even consider buying the regular nursing bras because I like how it supports the girls and how they look under my clothes.

A lot of moms worry that after getting pregnant and breastfeeding, their breasts will sag. Actually, just aging will do that. One way of preventing that and/or to not look like you have sagging breasts is to wear a good bra. A good bra in the right size can do wonders. It can also make you look thinner and your clothes fit/look better on you.

Is there any area of your experience using it where you'd like to see an improvement?

The bra is a little pricey compared to bras you can buy locally. But if you wear a not-so-common bra size or are in the well-endowed end of the spectrum, these Hotmilk bras are wonderful and good investments.

Would you recommend it to your friends?

This is a good quality nursing style sports bra. If you have the budget to spare and would be exercising often, it's a good investment.

hotmilk nursing bra

For more information, go to http://www.hotmilklingerie.com/

Disclosure: Candice was given a Hotmilk sports nursing bra for review.